“She Don’t Mean No Harm”: Frankie Defends Keyshia Cole, Says When She “Gets Bored” She Comes For People On Twitter, But Does It Out Of Love…

May 10, 2013  |  

During an interview with WRUG Radio, which we found through MissJia, Frankie Lons, always on ten with her sayings (“man down,” “man up,” “hangin’ around like wallpaper,” “and the plot thickens”) was asked about her daughter’s recent comments about Michelle from Destiny’s Child, and the response Kelly Rowland had to that drama. In true Frankie fashion, she kept it really real, and blamed Keyshia’s comments on boredom, but that she really has nothing but love for DC. Some of it didn’t make sense, but you get what she’s trying to say:

“Keyshia…sometimes she get bored. She didn’t mean no harm. Actually it was a compliment because Michelle did keep up.”

“Shout out to Michelle, Beyoncé, and what’s the other one’s name? Deez Nuts. I’m just playing! Shout out to Destiny’s Child, ya’ll did a wonderful job. And Keyshia didn’t mean no harm so ya’ll just gotta give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s married, sometimes she gets bored. But she has her Kodak moments. When she say something negative, that means it’s actually positive.”

Side eye at the negative means positive…but let’s continue:

“My baby loves all the celebrities. She loves everybody. Sometimes she has a bad way of showing it, a funny way of showing it. But when she focus on you, that means she loves you and she’s complimenting you. And I wanna be like Keyshia when I grow up…She didn’t mean no harm. She loved it…she make you work, she ain’t gonna just give you no compliment. You gotta work for it.”

I guess…but there are better things to do when you’re bored. But like Frankie said, it’s time to lay off Keyshia, especially since she’s cleaned up her act on Twitter. Now if we could just get her to stop snapping off on her fans in concert she might be all right…

Check out the video and start around the 1:20 mark. Let us know what you think! 

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