#TheMole: The Most Memorable Moments From Last Night’s “Scandal”

May 10, 2013  |  
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After last night’s episode of “Scandal,” there was nothing left to do but lay out. The episode seemed to be relatively calm until the last 3 minutes when all the ish hit the fan. Absolutely bananas. As always, there will be spoilers in this episode including the reveal of the mole. It’s a doozy. Let’s jump in.

Breaking up the booty call

At the top of the episode, Cyrus is on 10 because Fitz has not returned to the White House in a minute. Instead he’s been in bed, shower, living room with Olivia. He hasn’t responded to his wife’s recent media appearance or been handling any of his duties as president. Cyrus almost busts a blood vessel trying to convince Secret Service to let him into Olivia’s apartment. When his charm is unable to get results, Cyrus does what Cy does best, he threatens and delivered the best line of the night: Jesus forgives, Jesus saves…I destroy -Cyrus


Harrison the helper

Harrison is really the only Gladiator who Olivia can depend on when she’s in the type of trouble she finds herself in today. He tells her frankly, that she’s his client: “You’re not the fixer here Liv, you’re the problem.” Though Olivia bucks his helping hand, by the end of the episode she passively tells Harrison what to do should her name be exposed.

Cyrus to James

Just when you think Cyrus and James’ relationship is getting better, he goes and insults his husband in the most disrespectful exchange I’ve seen on network television in a very long time.  When James’ attempts to explain why he took the interview with Mellie. He believes it was earned but Cyrus quickly chops him down. He attacked so many components of James’ self esteem, from his looks to his talent to intelligence. And to add insult to injury, he delivered all of these low blows after having a hearty laugh at James’ expense.

Mellie Gets An “Olivia”

Turns out Mellie has hired a fixer for her corner of the White House. I got a nice little chuckle when he asked Mellie if she was capable of being completely honest. He don’t even know! Instead of responding directly, she says: I didn’t get here because someone like you held my hand and called themselves my hair dresser. My hair is done.” Mellie’s looking a tense in that room. And eventually, the fixer has to ask her what she hopes to accomplish by holding the Olivia Pope card for as long as possible, believing that Fitz won’t give up his office. At this point, when the new guy realizes Mellie is hoping to rekindle her relationship with Fitz he gives her the realness.“I can move mountains and work miracles but I can’t make your husband love you.”

Scary Black Man

Who is the scary black man who seems to know everything, have a hand in everyone’s career and yields much power over the big dog Cyrus himself. When he said he has “no boundaries…” it just let me know he’s probably going to present even more of a problem in the future.

Huck and Charlie

It’s very clear to me that Huck and Charlie are low key friends. Each of them have had several opportunities to kill one another. Yet it never goes down like that. Charlie didn’t even kill Huck’s family when he had received specific orders to do so. And when Huck thought he was going to off Charlie last night, he even bought a doughnut for his last meal.

“I Know Fitz”

In the most frustrating moment of the show, when Fitz admits that his marriage is none of their business, Mellie smiles smugly and says she knew it! Honey, you don’t know your husband. Olivia does.

The VP

The appearance of Sally had me thinking she was going to be the mole since it’s been a while since we’ve seen her. Turns out, she just came through to rub salt in Cyrus’ wounds about what she thought would be the president’s downfall. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was still someone associated with the mole when all is said and done.

The Mole

Whose mind was blown when not only did Billy Chambers, Sally’s chief of staff,  come back to the show as the mole but to find out that David Rosen was helping him get all that information. When I think about it, it makes perfect sense. David was the one who was going to break Defiance but Olivia took it from him and destroyed his life in the process. David has the potential to ruin Olivia but we know that won’t happen.

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