And This Is Why People Don’t Want To Be In The Spotlight: Different Media Outlets Report Ohio Kidnap Hero’s Criminal Record

This, my friends, is what’s wrong with the world, and we need to do better.

You do a good deed, and instead of people applauding you for it and going about their business, they start digging into your past and trying to taint your image.

While running through a few websites this morning to see what the news was so far today, I noticed a few of them, including The Smoking Gun, had found information on Charles Ramsey’s criminal history over the past few years and posted all the sordid details of it. While all this information is possibly interesting to know for some, what does it have to do with anything going on right now? And why did it need to be shared with the world after all these years?

When I look at situations like this, where good hard-working people do good things and then have their past thrown back at them to be painted in a negative light, I can sadly see why people might decide not to step in and do really big deeds to help others. It seems that the minute you do, people are trying to thrust you in the spotlight, make you an Internet sensation (often to mock) just for being yourself, and as you can see now, trying to dig out the skeletons in your closet just for the hell of it. And if folks digged up everything in our past we all might be out here trying to run and hide for cover.

This is a man who helped to rescue three women who had been held against their will for 10 years. A decade! He could have been like plenty other people in this world and continued walking by, playing crazy, going home to eat his McDonald’s. The fact that he helped, called the police, and stayed with the woman should be enough, especially since he didn’t try and accept any reward money, and just wanted to continue on with his way of life. That’s why you haven’t seen a change in his walk, his talk, his dress or his demeanor. He is who he is and he was just trying to help out someone in need. He’s not looking for a handout, a reality show (not yet at least), or fame–he just wants to be Charles Ramsay. So why can’t people let him do that in peace? Why must we try to build up people as a hero one minute, and then paint them as villains the next? It’s a true shame…


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