Artists Who’ve Had A Few Ups And (Quite A Few) Downs In Their Careers Who Still Deserve To Win In The Long Run

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It’s hard to stay relevant in the music industry. Every day there is a new face ready to drop their clothing and sing with auto-tune that can easily catch the attention of the masses and take it away from true talent. Nobody knows that more than these artists, who’ve had major highs in the industry, and quite a few lows as well. They’ve managed to bounce back and forth over the years, some finally getting positive shine, but their talents are so worthy, we just want to see them win in the long run. How about you?


Currently, Brandy is doing big things. She’s got a regular casting role as Chardonnay on The Game, recently put out a critically acclaimed album, Two Eleven, and she got engaged to music exec Ryan Press during the holidays late last year. But as we all know (and you can watch the Behind The Music) episode for further confirmation, things haven’t always been a winning situation for the singer. There was the fatal car accident, the fake marriage scandal, the reality show that didn’t paint her or her brother in the best light, and a fickle listening audience who stopped checking for her. Now that she’s regained a good amount of relevance, we’d love for her to keep it. B Rocka’s voice has always been one of our favorites!

Keke Wyatt

For a while there, all I really knew about Keke Wyatt was that she sang “My First Love” and “Nothing In This World” with Avant, and that she stabbed her ex-husband (which she later clarified she did as an act of self-defense to protect herself and her children). But since being on R&B Divas, I’ve been more exposed to her insane vocal abilities. Despite the drama that has followed her name in the past, and the reputation she often gets on the show for being silly/crazy, she has way too much talent to be ignored in this industry. We’re hoping that outside of the show, her music will receive more recognition as time passes.


As with Brandy, Fantasia is in a good place both in music and when it comes to her personal life (according to her). Her recent album, Side Effects of You, debuted at the second spot on the Billboard 200, she’s been looking great lately, and she just seems happier than she has been in a while. Of course, aspects of her personal life almost held her back for a while there. And even some antics on Instagram almost got her in trouble. But Fanny is leaving all that alone, including the trifling men and family members. Hopefully she will continue to be on the up and up and have more attention on her voice than background drama.

K Michelle

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but K. Michelle has a pretty amazing voice. Might be hard, what with all the drama she finds herself involved in on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and over Twitter, but I think that with the right songwriters (I just can’t do “I Just Wanna”) and less exposure to the foolery of social media, K could go pretty far. She already has the fan base. That voice deserves more exposure!


Okay okay okay! I know people aren’t the biggest fans of Maybach O these days. But let’s be clear, you and I both know the man can dance. His singing abilities these days aren’t bad, but what he’s best known for is his dance moves…and “Touch.” And besides all that, Omarion is thirsty to be back in the number one spot, which was clear when he danced for his freedom onstage during the BET Hip Hop Awards last fall alongside Rick Ross. He’s working hard to get back the relevance he had when he was running the world with B2K and right after (and when he dropped “Entourage”), but he hasn’t been consistent. That man has too much talent to sit at home and get a regular job, he belongs in the business and doing well.

Kelly Rowland

I’m a big fan of Kelly Rowland as a person. She’s got a delightful personality, she’s stunning, she can sing, and she can dance. But for years, she’s had to be in the background to all of Beyoncé’s pursuits. But being the good person and friend that she is, she’s never complained, but smiled and been a supportive friend, continuing to answer questions about her friend in the press. But her talents are good enough that she can go far and build up her own brand. She just needs better tracks (not ones so focused on sex, it’s tired) and more opportunities (like the possible judging gig on The X Factor in the U.S. so she can be more exposed like she is abroad) she’ll possibly be able to step out of her bestie’s shadow for good.


You might not have noticed, but for the last few years, pop singer JoJo has fully transitioned to R&B, and has been out here ‘sangin” some mean covers (remember when we posted her singing “Prototype/”Night And Day”?)  and putting out some must-listen mixtapes. She was very popular as a teen pop idol when she was putting out tracks like “Get Out (Leave)” and “Too Little Too Late” in the early 00s, but after a while, she kind of faded in the background. I’d definitely like to see more of her because her voice is a formidable one that people need to pay more attention to in the game…


Before she was “Ameriie,” she was Amerie–jet black wavy hair, baby hair, summer-jam worthy tracks. But after a few big attempts to make it to the top of the game in R&B, including dropping tracks like “1 Thing,” she sort of exited stage left and focused on love and changing her image (hence the blonde hair, renovated name, and the new nose). But personally, we miss Ameriie’s lighthearted bangers in music. Her voice is strong enough, and she’s always worked hard, so it would be nice if she could at some point in the near future gain the success she’s been seeking–and keep it.


“Body Party” is doing well…right now. But before that track, Ciara’s career was in a state of constant up and down. She’s had some big highs. Her first album did well, and her second one, The Evolution, did even better, but after that, things got a bit rocky. Even with the entertaining videos with the to-die-for choreography, her last two albums bombed and she fell out with her record label. But I’m always so entertained by Ciara’s videos and performances that I want her to win. She has more talent than the folks out here getting deals and platinum albums who can’t sing OR dance, so why not?

K-Ci and JoJo

They’ve got a long way to go, I know. And yes, after watching Mr. Dalvin fall off the stage at a concert in London, and seeing DeVante Swing go through his constant struggle, we’re no longer expecting a Jodeci reunion. But despite all their alcoholism problems, these two still have strong vocal abilities. Even if they’re not touring, they have voices that need to be on somebody’s album. I still play their cover of “Lately” like it just came out!

Lauryn Hill

Musically, I know that Lauryn Hill still has a lot to share with her fans lyrically, but I’m not even crossing my fingers for a comeback in music. I just want Lauryn Hill to win in life in general because I’ve been a fan since before the Fugees, when she was singing “Joyful, Joyful” in Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit in ’93, and it pains me to see her in legal trouble and more. I don’t want her with Rohan, I don’t want her on stage behaving erratically, I just want her happy and with her children. New music or not.

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