You Are So Wrong For That: Celebrities Taking Fashion Too Far (In The Wrong Direction)

May 8, 2013  |  
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Walking the red carpet always involves a little risk taking. And sometimes celebrities swing and miss. We’ve got some of the best celebrity fashion and red carpet faux pas of 2013.

Keyshia Cole

We saw Keyshia Cole performing at The Danforth Music Hall during her Woman to Woman tour and we have just one question for her: exactly which super hero is Keyshia Cole trying to be? Does she have a role in X-Men Origins that we don’t know about because last time we checked, the Green Goblin didn’t wear glitter panties.

Denny Mendez

Denny Mendez was the first black Miss Italy back in 1996. Maybe they do things differently in Europe. But here, we don’t match the wig to the jacket. She’s rocking Kinky 4a up top and Silky 2b around her shoulders. Do you think that jacket comes with a brush?

Legendary Damon

Who’s that rocking shiny gold leather and a chandelier necklace? Legendary Damon. The self-titled socialite and club promoter keeps it fashion forward and sparkly at Courvoisier’s Courvoisology party with Kelly Rowland. And he gets extra points for pairing all of that bling with a corduroy sweater and Boy George’s favorite hat.

Kim Kardashian

Kim has caught a lot of shade for matching her gloves to her shoes and her dress — in this fabric. But our favorite thing about this red carpet photograph is Kanye’s face. He looks like he’s saying “who can I talk to about getting this couch reupholstered?”

Tyson Beckford

Exactly which jungle is Tyson Beckford trying to hide in? We all had one of these “camouflage” bandanas or tank tops back in 1999. But not even Sisqo tried to turn that fashion into a suit. We thought models were supposed to be fashion forward, not fashion backward.

Ashley Olsen

Look ya’ll, it’s the orange sherbert ghost of Ashley Olsen. The PUNK: Chaos to Couture’ Costume Institute Gala was all about out-there fashion. But this dress is something else entirely. Does anyone wonder what happened to the Olsen twins to make them grow up like this?

Miley Cyrus

Why is that woman just standing there next to Miley Cyrus like nothing is wrong? Clearly this poor girl is being electrocuted right there on the red carpet. Somebody help her before her hair gets any bigger or her fishnet dress catches on fire. Dress was bomb though girl!

Nicki Minaj

We’re starting to think it’s time to get Nicki Minaj some sort of intervention. She looks like a girl who just got roofied at an inner city prom. The blonde bird’s nest actually sort of works for the Met’s theme but we have no explanation for that dress. If this is her new turned down glam effort, she might wanna turn back up.


Watch out ya’ll, Mrs. Knowles is making dresses again. I thought Bey told her mama to take a back seat on the fashion front.


Will someone come get their grandmother? She’s off her medication and having flashbacks from the days when she used to work the pole at the Nasty Kitty. Bring some hot tea in a thermos, a quilt and some pants.That’s a lot of skin for a 54-year-old.

Jessica White

Truthfully, it was hard to pick just one photo of Jessica White but this cat suit with cutouts is just….so many levels of wrong. Jessica has access to too much — designers, hairstylists, makeup artists — to consistently walk around with a struggle wardrobe.

Jennifer Hudson

We know this isn’t Toni Braxton but let me count the (many) ways this ensemble is a mess. From the mix-matched patterns, to the visible bra, to the obvious beige stockings this is a total fail. Most people’s style improves with weight loss, but J Hud may be going backward.


We think Eve killed the red carpet at the Met Monday night, which is why we don’t understand how this happened just a day earlier. Perhaps Eve was trying to work with the whole flapper theme at the Special screening of ‘The Great Gatsby’ but this jut doesn’t do it for us.

Lil Kim

Lil Kim’s never done spectacularly well on the red carpet, but in the past most of her get-ups were obvious costumes so we could ignore it. Nowadays, simple body-con dresses are even a problem for the Queen Bee. Everything doesn’t have to be barely breathable to still be sexay Kim.

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