Lust Is In The Air: Sure Signs Cuffing Season Is Over For You

July 9, 2013  |  
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Everyone lives for cuffing season. It’s the time of the year when you know for certain 99% of singles are looking for someone to keep them warm in the winter months. But now that the weather is getting warm and summer is officially here, you might as well kiss your cuffing buddy goodbye. Here are some signs that this “relationship” is over for you.

Warm Weather

When the weather is warming up, people want to get out more. And the more people get out, the more people they meet. Suddenly laying up under the same person every night isn’t as enticing as meeting someone new every night.

No More Cuddling

This is self-explanatory. If the affection is reduced to sex and nothing more, you’ve gone from cuff buddy to friend with benefits to soon-to-be the girl I was hanging out with.

You Gets No Verbal Love

He barely texts you or calls anymore. That’s a sign he’s busy paying someone else attention and you are no longer on his radar.

He Doesn’t Make Time For You

On top of this  guy not calling or texting you anymore, he also doesn’t have time to see you or hang out like old times. He used to be down to at least come to the house a few times a week but now all you get is “I’m busy.”

You’re Awkward In Public

In the event you do run into each other in public, you play it cool — as cool as two people who were once inseparable can be when one party disappears on them. Now you both refer to each other as homies or brother and sister as if nothing ever happen. You walk away and keep it moving, still uncertain about where you really stand.

The Conversation Changes

If you still engage in conversation with your cuddle buddy, the content of your discussions changes. It’s no longer intimate, no pet names, no sexual innuendo. It’s a regular convo that’s the equivalent of a hey what’s up. He’s letting you know the sexual part of your relationship is over.

You’ve Been Blocked On Social Media

He doesn’t want you knowing what he’s doing, who he might be flirting or hanging with — anything. So suddenly you find you need permission to follow him on Instagram or Twitter or you’re no longer friends on Facebook.

There’s A New Person In The Picture

There’s no clearer sign that this. If you find out your previous cuddle buddy has been hanging with someone different that means he’s done a little spring cleaning and you were apart of what was thrown out in the trash. Just make sure you don’t let him come back around next cuffing season.

He’s Balling Out

Another clear sign of this relationship being over is he stars hopping for new clothes, a new car,  or anything that will boost his ego. He’s trying to impress someone and catch someone else’s attention which means he’s done paying you any.

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