Big Screen TV On The Wall, Who’s Most Ratchet Of Them All? The Worst Stars On Reality TV

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The phrase ratchet reality star almost sounds repetitious since there are few, if any, individuals on reality TV with redeeming qualities  But these stars here are some of the most notorious on the tube, and quite honestly, the worst 15-minute celebs we’ve seen in the past few years.

Stevie J

To put it simply, Stevie J is scum and think he’s God. Sorry to break it to you Stevie J, but you’re just ratchet. He has no respect for women and makes everything a joke (remember his strip club threats?) I feel sorry for Mimi and Joseline. They have a problem on their hands forever.

Joseline Hernandez

Ms. “I’m an international superstar” is the funniest person on “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta,” and honestly, she makes the show. The adult dancer turned musician/hustler’s encounters with the notorious Stevie J are always hilarious because you never know what’s going to happen when they are around each other. But if she doesn’t stop talking about rubbies in her cootie cat and step up her language game, we might have to be done with her.

Kenya Moore

She’s gone with the wind fabulous. Actually, she’s gone out of her mind crazy. Kenya Moore made her debut on RHOA and she was a hot mess. She flirted with everyone’s husband,  was accused of staging a fake relationship with Walter, and was just plain over the top. She did add some spunk to the show with her story telling and dramatic ways though.

NeNe Leaks

NeNe Leaks is the queen of RHOA. No one is funnier than NeNe because she tells it like it is. It’s always no holds bars with Ms. Leaks. She may curse you out or choke you like she did Kim Zolciak. Who knows what you’re going to get with NeNe but it will be ratchet like behavior. She toned it down this past season but we know it’s only because she’s too busy being Hollywood for all the shenanigans.

K. Michelle

The “Ooooh, she shaking the table” co-star of Love and Hip-Hop ATL is by far the craziest reality TV star. She is unpredictable and slightly violent. However, she is definitely funny when she speaks about other people she doesn’t like. In one episode of LHH, she said, “Joseline looks like she sleeps on beds without sheets.” Where does she get these analogies from?

Erica Mena

Erica Mena is always in the mix. That is why she’s ratchet. She sticks her nose in other people’s business just to be seen. She pops off for no reason at all and think she’s better than her co-stars. No, you’re actually just as ratchet as your other cast members. Erica, do us a favor and sit down somewhere.

Chrissy Lampkin

Between Chrissy and K. Michelle, I don’t know who would win a fight because both of these chicks are brolic and will throw down any given moment. Chrissy is a little more aggressive and attacks immediately. In fact, you don’t even see it coming. She’s not ashamed of her behavior either. In fact, I think if she could do it all over again, she would probably do it worse. Chrissy acts a fool when the lights and cameras are out and it’s a shame.


Nicole, aka Snooky, is the funniest and wildest female star of “Jersey Shore.” She’s always partying, drinking, dancing, falling and waking up to do it all over again. That’s what her life consists of. Now that she’s a mom, let’s hope she tones it down.

Tiffany Pollard

Tiffany Pollard, AKA, New York garnished her celebrity from Flavor Flav’s dating show. New York is most known for beating Pumpkin down when she spit in her face. Afterwards, New York had several seasons of her own dating show and that’s when all the real ratchetness began.

Renee Graziano

Renee is the loud mouth woman from the VH1 show “Mobwives.” All of the ladies from this show are gangster, but Renee is always in everyone’s business and she doesn’t even have her own life together. I think she just loves the attention and drama.

Flavor Flav

We have no idea why VH1 allowed Flavor Flav to have a dating show, but even more so, we’re confused why women even signed up to be on the show to and lay up with this man.  Flavor Flav was ratchet when he brought life to ladies we now know as as Bootz, Deelishis and Buckey. If you ask us, Flavor Flav opened the gate to let other ratchet people be on TV.


Everyone remembers Tanisha from “Bad Girls Club.” She may have cleaned up her act and worked on her anger management,  but if we took it back to BGC days, you would see nothing but yelling and fighting and threats being thrown. No one was laughing with you Tanisha. We were laughing at you. Although, you’re good now, it’s only right we put you down in our book as one of the most notoriously ratchet TV stars.

Evelyn Lozada

Where do we begin, the potty mouth or the bottle throwing? Evelyn nearly single-handedly got “Basketball Wives” taken off the air thanks to her ridiculous behavior and that of her assistant this past season. She really did try to eff Jen up every time she saw her and Kenya Bell felt her wrath on more than one occasion. It remains to be seen whether Iyanla really changed her life.

Tami Roman

Ah yes, Evelyn’s road dog. We always knew Tami was a little hood, but her ratchedness also came to a head this past season when she straight bullied another grown woman on BBW, Keisha. Never have we seen such nasty and childish behavior from a 40-plus year-old woman and we’re really hoping we never have to witness it again.

Mama Jones

When you make a song called psychotic b**** and a perfume called pumkash, I think it goes without saying that you’ve earned your place in the ratchet reality hall of fame. There was a whole lot of ignorance packed in the bite-size package known as Mama Jones. We’re just glad that spinoff of hers never happened.


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