Leave It To The Professionals: Celebrity Shade That Didn’t Go Over Too Well

May 17, 2013  |  
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What were these celebrities thinking when they made these silly comments? Did they really think the other person would laugh it off or not react. We’re sure they will think twice before they open their big mouths again or do something else outrageous.

Kevin Garnett & Carmelo Anthony

Kevin Garnett said the funniest thing to Carmelo Anthony. However, it was bad timing. Melo and LaLa were separated and KG thought it would be OK to tell Melo that his wife tastes like hunny nut cheerios. Huh? Melo flipped out and wanted to fight KG. He had to be escorted out the arena and even waited for KG after the game. KG you can’t talk about people’s wives.


Kevin Hart & Rihanna

At the MTV awards last year, Kevin Hart made a subliminal joke about Chris Brown and Drake’s fight. He said that the mishap happened becauase Drake thought Chris Brown was OK with “recycling” making reference to Rihanna. She caught on to that joke instantly and threw him mad shade. Kevin Hart could care less because he makes light of every situation but he need not to make any enemies at this point in his career.

Michael Richards AKA Kramer

In 2006, Michael Richards, aka, Kramer from the show, “Seinfield” went on a racist tirade. He was performing stand up comedy and used the “N” word. We take that very seriously and don’t know why he thought he could get away with that. He must of been on something because he caught a lot of smack for that and rightfully so. You can’t call someone the “N” word and walk away and nothing happens.

Fabolous & Ray J

The beef between Fabolous and Ray J is hilarious. These two got into an argument when Fab said it looked like Ray J was singing to Mayweather and then when Ray J claimed he punched Fab in the face on Power 105.1FMradio show. Did Ray J think Fab wasn’t going to react? He has way more celebrity status than Ray J, so it was only right Fab let loose on Ray J. You would think Ray J would sit down and be quiet but he started up again with his “I hit it first” song about Kim Kardashian. He’ll learn when someone put them paws on him.

Omarosa & Janice Dickinson

Omarosa and Janice Dickinson appeared in a season of Surreal life together some years ago. Janice Dickson made a foul comment about Omarosa’s “stabbed wound legs” and she flipped. Janice doesn’t know anything about Omarosa’s life to speak about something she doesn’t know. She must of hit a soft spot with Omarosa because it was no coming back from there.

Peter Rosenberg & Nicki Minaj

What was Rosenberg thinking talking about the headliner for the Hot 97 Summer Jam concert last year? He can get away with his shenanigans on the radio but to think he would get away with it and Nicki Minaj is backstage? He messed up! Nicki Minaj was ordered by Lil Wayne to leave the concert. Nicki didn’t want to disappoint her fans but she wasn’t going to let this man disrespect her craft and she’s the reason why everyone was in attendance.

Star of “Star and BucWild” & DJ Envy

Star of Star and Buc Wild are known for saying disrespectful things. However, Star took it too far. He told DJ Envy he was going to pee on his daughter. This wasn’t a joke, it was taken as a threat and DJ Envy wasn’t having it. Eventually, Star and Buc Wild became too much for local radio and had to be pulled off the air.

LL Cool J & Jamie Foxx

LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx co-stared in the movie, “Any Given Sunday”. Somehow these two got into a fight. Who knows why it was so much tension between the two but you know Jamie made jokes on LL regarding his lip licking on set and thinking they were “really playing football”. On the set of the movie, they fought but they manage to get the work done. The beef is now resolved but Jamie should think twice before he judges someone else. Let work be work and move on!

Kanye West & Taylor Swift

One of Kanye’s most memorable moment was when he told Taylor Swift that “Beyonce had the best album of all times,” insinuating that she shouldn’t won the award. Although he made lil Taylor Swift cry, there wasn’t one person who didn’t know who she was after Ye’s actions. Kanye caught a lot of bad publicity for that act and since then he’s toned it down a lot. He’s still going to be Kanye but we’re sure he won’t do this again.

Lil Mama & Jay-Z

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys were performing their  New York Anthem, “Empire State Of Mind” at the MTV awards some years ago when Lil’ Mama must have caught the holy ghost because something told her to get up and walk on stage during their performance like she was invited. That incident ended her career.  Lil’ Mama, you could of done that in your seat. You know Jay went on the radio and dissed her. Poor Lil’ Mama, no one will ever let this moment die.

Black Eyed Peas

Ashton Kutcher and Will.I.Am had planned to punk his band member of Black Eyed Peas. According to MTV and executives of the show, it couldn’t be aired because the band didn’t take it as a joke. They were all fighting and had to stop it before it really ended badly. There were incidents oo the show, where they were able to calm the celebs down and tell them they were being Punk’d.  Maybe they should of thought wice with B.E.P. They don’t Phunk around, literally.

Keyshia Cole & Michelle Williams

Keyshia Cole made a statement about Michelle Williams during Beyonce’s  performance for the Superbowl. She said,  “she’s always messing up the flow.” Keyshia thinking Michelle who’s a God fearing woman wouldn’t respond. Think again. She told Keyshia, ” I’m a member of Destiny’s child and your Frankie’s child”. Nice comeback Michelle.

Joselyn & Stevie J

There was one scene in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,when Mimi disclosed that she was staying with Stevie J in his home. Mimi asked Stevie and him thinking he’s untouchable told Joselyn, Mimi was indeed staying with him and she MMA’d Stevie J. She chin checked him. If it wasn’t for the security on the set, she would of done more damage.

Lil Wayne & The Miami Heat

Lil Wayne dissed the heat for kicking him out their game. It was said that he made a violent gesture to someone in the stadium. Wayne is known for being crazy and violent so anything he does will be taking as a serious threat. Getting kicked out the game was the result. Wayne, don’t be mad. Be smarter. Did you really think you could continue to sit in the first row and threaten everyone about shooting them and they think it’s a joke? You’re insane.

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