Don’t Make It More Awkward Than It Has To Be: The Absolute Worst Places For A First Date

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First dates are typically filled with a flurry of emotions: excitement, anxiety, fear, nervousness, and plenty of others. First dates leave a lot of room for something to go wrong or for there to be tons of awkward moments. With all of this combined, there are definite dos and don’ts when it comes to a first date, namely when it comes to location. There are some places — a lot actually — where you really shouldn’t go on a first date, or else you risk having an unhappy, and really awkward, experience. Here are 14 places to avoid going on a first date.

Your house or his

Having the first date at your house or his house is a huge no-no. With the first date jitters, going to the other person’s house is just going to make the date that much more awkward and anxiety-filled. Meeting someone for the first time and inviting them into your home or going to their home is nerve-wracking — and unsafe — to say the least. It’s  best to have the first date somewhere public.

Parent’s house

If you things go well with your date, it’s no shock that he/she will eventually meet your parents. However, the first date is not the time for that. Having your first date at your parent’s house is awkward for everyone involved. You’ll want to first take the time to learn about and familiarize yourself with your date first before bringing your parents into the mix. You want to know that this person is worthy of meeting your family.

A sporting event

Sporting events are fun, but it’s rare that you’ll find that it’s the ideal place for a first date. Over time, if you find out that the two of you both love baseball or football, then a date at a local sporting event is definitely worth it. But, for the first date, heading to a sporting event isn’t the best choice. It’ll be loud and you will both be distracted, which leaves little time to get to know each other.

A mall

The mall is best saved for teenagers and for when you need to go shopping for a cute outfit or for shoes. Taking your date out shopping on the first date is torturous, at least for him it is. No guy wants to walk around while you try on clothes and rack up your credit card, and then he’s left carrying all of the bags for you. Dating and shopping don’t go hand-in-hand, at least not for the first date.


Mini-golfing can be fun, but it’s so childish. Spending your very first time together mini-golfing and trying to get a hole-in-one may sound exciting, especially if it’s a nice day outside, but it’s not the most ideal way to get the know the person you’re with. Save the mini-golfing for another time when you are well-acquainted with your date and don’t have pressing details to learn about each other.


The movies is one of the most common places to go on a date. But, if you sit back and think about it, it’s obvious that the movies isn’t the best first date locations. For one, how do you know that your date is interested in the same movie you want to see? On the first date you need to get to learn each others’ likes and dislikes, instead of assuming them. Also, going to the movies doesn’t allow you the proper environment to talk.

A bar

First dates and alcohol typically don’t mix. Going to the bar on the first date leaves a lot of room for things to go really wrong. First dates are meant for impressing your date, not getting completely wasted and making a fool of yourself. Save the alcohol for another date and instead pick a quieter and more intimate venue for your first date.

A club

Similar to bars, clubs aren’t the best place for a first date either. In a club there is way too much noise and action going on to really be able to pay attention to and get to know each other. Though dancing and having a good time with some music is definitely a great way to spend time together, the club really isn’t going to let the two of you talk and get a feel for each other.


Museums are a nice place to go on a date once you’ve gotten to know each other and you know you’re able to walk through a quiet building while still enjoying yourselves, and even then a museum can be a hit or miss. Don’t put a museum at the top of your list for the location of a first date. They simply aren’t the right environment to talk and get to know the other person. Instead you’re left quietly walking and observing, instead of paying attention to each other.


There’s nothing wrong with getting in touch with your outdoors side and spending some time at a camping ground. Even though going camping is adventurous and exciting, it’s not the best place for a first date. It can be a little awkward and a bit scary to be stuck out in the middle of somewhere with someone you don’t exactly know. Save the camping dates for a little further into the future.

A comedy show

Not everyone has the same type of humor and just because you find a certain comedian funny, it doesn’t mean that your date will. Comedy shows are good once you’ve gotten to know your date, but until then, stay away from comedy shows. You may end up with an upset or embarrassed date because of the comedians choice of words and humor. Though laughing is always nice, you want to make sure you two are on the same page humor-wise.


Bowling isn’t horrible for a first date, but it’s definitely not the place to go if you are looking to make an impression. Spending time at the bowling alley will give you two the chance to compete against each other, which can be fun, but the truth is that most of the time during the first date should be spent talking and learning about the person you’re with. Instead, you may end up with a sore loser or a date who really hates bowling.

Anywhere with friends

You’ll of course want your friends to meet your date, especially if things go well. However, introducing your date to your friends right off the bat can be a little awkward and even more nerve-wracking. Having your friends present during your first date creates less chances of the two of you being able to engage in one-on-one talks. Keep your friends out of it, for now.

A concert

Music is always a nice way to connect with someone and have good time, but who says your date has the same musical taste as you do? Concerts tend to be loud and jam-packed full of people, and not to mention pretty expensive. The overall atmosphere of a concert definitely won’t allow you two to talk and focus on each other. Instead, by the end of the night, you’ll have probably said a few words to each other and that’s about it.

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