Cyrus Schemin’, Mellie Buggin’ & Olitz… The Best Moments From Last Night’s “Scandal”

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Scandal’s latest “Woman Scorned” episode was a bit more laid back than the others but it was still full of twists and turns that left us with questions about Cyrus, about Mellie (what is she going through?), Jake and the fate of the Olitz affair. You may not have noticed that last night’s episode was directed by Tony Goldwyn (aka Fitz). We’d say he did a wonderful job. Let’s jump into some of the more memorable moments.

Abby’s slick mouth

Did anyone else notice when Huck arose from his stupor, he was greeted with Abby’s rudness? When the rest of the gladiators were trying to awkwardly welcome him back to work, she jumped in to say that he was awoken from crazy. Sure Huck is a little off; but if Abby, who is teetering on crazy herself, had been through what Huck had been through, she wouldn’t even be functioning right now. Do better Abby. She’s so consistently annoying and disrespectful.

Earn Me

In one of the rare instances we saw Olivia take a legit stand against Fitz, she tells him that he can’t control her, he can’t summon her to the White House to profess his love for her. Now that Fitz knows Olivia loves him, he’s gotten really bold trying to get her back. But Kerry is not going to make it easy. When he asks what he can do to get her back, she makes it pretty plain. It was probably one of the few times Fitz heard her and was willing to act on her words.

Immediately, after the episode aired there were memes making fun of this interaction. Based on the number of women who were retweeting the “earn me” phrase we’re sure this is going to be hot on the streets for hurt women and side chicks alike.

The Okey Doke 

Though Olivia has tried to shake Jake, the president will not let her be without him, he threatens to keep put her in  a cell if she won’t allow him to accompany her to ensure her safety. Jake has been around Olivia long enough to know that her reaction in the president’s office and the break she took afterward was a bit strong her for. So when they get back to her house, he asks her “how deep” is she in with the president. Of course, Olivia denies, denies, denies. And then when she senses that he doesn’t believe her, she stomps across the room and kisses him passionately, leaving the audience asking what in thee entire hell? Someone on Twitter said: Olivia kiss too many people in the mouth…” Stuff be going around…


Thing is her plan didn’t really work. After she stopped his face, Jake was still questioning her. Nobody’s that stupid Liv. We all know what’s up.

Was Cyrus going to kill her?

It’s a good thing that Jake did decide to stay because Cyrus was coming for her. Even though Olivia swore that Cyrus was her “best friend,” even she knows that he’s capable of getting evil to keep everything in tact. When he asked Mellie if she would be quiet if he got rid of Olivia, I knew he was about to cut up. I think Cyrus was going to come through, chat her up for a bit and then call Charlie to do what he needed to do if she decided not to comply. But my coworkers swear that Cyrus wouldn’t hurt Liv. Me? I would never put it past him. The only person Cyrus wouldn’t hurt is Cyrus.

Cyrus loses all chill

Did anyone else notice that the deliciousness that is Cyrus Beene was put on full display this past episode. We watched him go from the cool, problem solver, to diabolical killer to full freak out mode. Each of his interactions with the other characters last night were memorable.

Cyrus to Mellie

And because Cyrus has proved to be so ruthless over the years, I was surprised that he simply didn’t consider off-ing Mellie to keep her from blabbing to the media about Fitz’ infidelity. Instead he comes at her with an excellent proposal of how she can advance her political career. When Mellie seems unimpressed, he directs her to the last page of the proposal.

“It’s blank”

“Cause that’s how much political capital you’ll have”

Cyrus tells her that if she goes through with this announcement, he’ll launch a campaign to slander her name. But she barely blinks. She’s decided what she’s going to do.

Cyrus to Olivia

Realizing that Mellie isn’t going to budge, Cyrus tries talking to Olivia to check up on the relationship status between she and Fitz. Olivia, completely disillusioned about the truth, tells Cyrus that she’s done. Wisely, he doesn’t believe her.

Done, done? Or heavy phone breathing done?

Cyrus and James

I know some of ya’ll cringed watching that scene where James decides to break his husband off with some oral after he tells him he can accept the television job and become the next Anderson Cooper. (Lol we caught that shout out.) I’m sure some of us are still a little uncomfortable or unfamiliar seeing two men kissing and freaking but the chemistry between these two just seemed a bit off… We know “Scandal” is always trying to push the envelope but maybe they should have shot a few more takes.


I’m very confused about Mellie’s motivation these days. In the first season she was happy to play along with Fitz and Olivia’s affair. Remember the days when Fitz was slipping, she’d suggest he go visit her? She always knew. She even had a thing of her own on the side. But now that she sees how devoted Fitz is to Olivia, she’s flipped the whole script. These days she’s acting like theirs was a marriage built on love, like she’s not there for the notoriety.

Huck gives Liv the real

Because the last woman that was sleeping with the President ended up dead in the Potomac, and I want you to stay alive.

Do any of the Gladiators not know about Olivia’s relationship with the president? It comes as no surprise that Huck would know how Olivia gets down. Huck knows everything. Though Olivia is certain that Cyrus isn’t the one trying to kill her, Huck is telling her to watch her back.

The Wait

So how does Fitz prove that he’s willing to earn Olivia? He sits with her and watches as the clock runs out on his facade of a marriage. For once he’s proving that he cares more about Olivia than he does keeping up the charade or his probability of being re-elected. Some folks got really weak over Fitz saying “watch me earn you.” It was nice and romantic but I’m still waiting for the day when Fitz comes through with some divorce papers.

Wet it Up

Right after the clock ran out Fitz and Olivia promptly proceeded to catch up on all the love making they’ve been missing out on over the past few months. They were all over the house, the living room, the kitchen, the bed and the shower. As much as I can’t stand these two that “Hi” exchange in the shower was the cutest thing ever. The only downfall was that Jake was watching the whole thing. So it’s clear just how deep Fitz is in it. Pun intended.

On a side note, there were a few women on Twitter claiming that Olivia wouldn’t be getting her hair wet for Fitz. But not only is this the same Olivia who swims on a regular, it is more than probable that black women can “break the rules” and live in the moment every once in a while. Olivia has enough sense to know she’ll rock a bun the next day. I’m sure she felt it was worth it.

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