14 Ways to Exercise At Home — No Supplies Required!

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Not everyone wants to spend hours at the gym each week in order to exercise, and not everyone has the money to buy all of the necessary equipment that is needed to create an at-home-gym. If you’re looking to exercise and live a healthier life without worrying about strapping yourself for cash, you’re in luck! Here are 14 ways to exercise at home, which means you’ll never have to set foot inside of a gym or spend outrageous amounts of money on gym equipment.

Run the steps

If you have steps in your home, what better way to utilize them than to run them? Lace up your running shoes and start running up and down the steps. Though it may be a bit boring, you’ll notice just how quickly your heart begins to beat. You’ll be sweating and burning tons of calories. Set a goal for yourself, such as running up and down the steps 50 times and then as time goes on, increase the number of times you are going up and down.

Go outside

When the weather is nice outside, one of the best ways to exercise is to go outdoors and soak in some fresh air and sun. Outside you can go running, walking, and anything else that comes to mind. Go for a hike in the park or even ride your bike. There’s nothing better than exercising in nice weather.


For many women, push-ups are a daunting exercise, but they’re a great arm workout even if you live in a small apartment, since they don’t require much space. For push-ups, you have the option of doing regular or female push-ups. If you’re new to the exercise, start with female push-ups and work your way into normal ones. Before you know it your strength will have increased and you’ll be pumping out push-ups by the dozens.

Do jumping jacks

Though they may seem to be a bit childish, jumping jacks are really a great way to burn some calories. With the compound movement of jumping and raising your arms, your heart is bound to get pumping faster. Jumping jacks are great for warming up the entire body as well as for being part of a cardiovascular exercise regime.

Leg lifts

If you want firmer legs, thighs, and a firmer butt, legs lifts are definitely for you. Leg lifts are also helpful when it comes to toning and strengthening your stomach muscles. You can do leg lifts at home by laying on your back or your side, and lifting your legs up as high as possible. If you’re a beginner, you may find that bending your legs a little bit makes the exercise a bit easier.

Dance around

Who said that exercise was conventional and cookie-cutter? There’s nothing more freeing and fun than putting on your favorite songs and dancing around your house. Though it’s not a conventional exercise, dancing is definitely going to burn some calories. So get yourself pumped up, listen to a song that makes you want to move, and get to dancing. Without even knowing it your heart will be pumping.

Look online for workout videos

If you want an exercise routine that has a bit more structure to it, try looking online, especially on YouTube, to find online workout videos. There are tons that you can watch and follow along with if you want to stay active, some of which even pinpoint a certain body part.

Do crunches

Crunches are a good way to build up your abdominal strength, but they aren’t an exercise you want to do every single day. If you’re new to crunches, don’t attempt to bring your head all the way up, or else you risk injuring yourself. Make sure that when doing crunches, you aren’t straining your neck or this could cause a lot of pain the next morning.


For stronger legs as well as a firmer butt, squats are just what you need. This is the perfect exercise to do at home since they are not extremely hard and don’t require much space at all. As you start to do squats, try to go as low as possible. This will allow for the deepest stretch within your legs. You can also consider holding weights in your hands to make squats even harder.


Lunges are very similar to squats in the fact that they too will improve your legs as well as your butt. Lunges also don’t require a lot of space and over time, you can add weights to the move in order to make it a little bit more challenging. You should feel the stretch of a lunge throughout your entire leg. When lunging, be sure your knee does not track over your toes.

Lift things

So you don’t need to lift super heavy weights in order to  tone up a little. If you have 2lb or 5lb weights around the house, use them! If you don’t, you can always improvise with other items. Consider using soup cans and water jugs in place of real weights. Anything around your home that isn’t overly heavy will be good if you want to add some strength and tone to your arms.


Doing yoga at home requires nothing but stretchy clothing, a soft surface, and some water to drink. Yoga doesn’t have to be done at the gym or at a studio. Instead, take a look online and find some yoga exercises that you think you can do as well as ones that will be challenging. Yoga will help improve your flexibility as well as your ability to listen to your body.

Jump rope

Jumping rope is one of the easiest ways to get your heart pumping without running or jogging. Jumping rope will strengthen your legs, especially your calves, and it will also improve your overall coordination. Try jumping rope for a set period of time and see how long you can go. One of the best parts is that jump ropes are relatively inexpensive.


Planks require not a lot of space or time, but after doing them, you’re sure to feel the burn. Planks work the entire core as well as the upper body. Hold yourself in the push-up position for 20 to 30 seconds, and then repeat for a few repetitions. While it’ll be hard in the beginning, you’ll notice as time goes on that you’re getting stronger.

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