Take Two: Is Queen Bey’s Photographer Ban A Bit Too Narcissistic?

April 29, 2013  |  

There are two sides to every argument! Lauren R.D. Fox argued on the side of Bey’s attempts to strictly control her image. Here’s CAP’s opposite take on the issue. What do you think?

There are so many things we don’t know about our girl Beyoncé, but the one thing we do know is that she certainly likes to be in control of it all. One might even call her a control freak. First Mrs. Carter fired her manager and father in 2011 so she could have full control over her career. Then in 2012 after the birth of baby Blue Ivy, the Carters sought legal control over baby Blue’s name by unsuccessfully attempting to get the name trademarked. Now, in 2013, Bey has shut out professional photographers from her Mrs. Carter tour to prevent the release of unflattering photos.

At the Super Bowl Half Time show earlier this year Beyoncé gave us some of her fiercest moves and most unflattering faces, which were posted all over the Internet to Bey’s dismay. Beyoncé’s publicist made a request for the photos to be removed, but this clearly fell on deaf ears since, to this day, you can do a quick Google search and easily find the many faces of Beyoncé during the Half Time show.

Ok Bey. We get it. You’re successful, beautiful, and borderline perfect and you don’t want any photos released that convey otherwise. But it’s starting to get to the point that you come off a bit neurotic, shallow, and narcissistic. We have all seen what you look like all dolled up for the photogs, but it actually adds a human element to actually see you making oogly faces just like the rest of us when we are throwing down our best moves on the dance floor.

For me, even with all her fame and grace, Bey has always seemed like an Every Girl that says “Aww Snap!” when her favorite song comes on, high fives you when you tell her how you told some heffa off, and ties an old scarf on her head before she goes to bed just like the rest of us. She just happens to also be ridiculously gorgeous and talented.  But being so concerned about a few pictures that were released following the Super Bowl that people paid about five seconds of attention to and certainly didn’t overshadow her awesome performance on game day makes me think she is not as down to earth as I thought she was.

Also, this professional photographers ban seems a bit absurd since the iPhone takes photos just fine. If not the professionals, fans will certainly still be snapping away. I have already seen several pictures from the Mrs. Cater tour on Instagram from just about every show she’s done so far.

Beyoncé has made it clear that we will only get access to what she wants us to have access to. Even if she has to take every camera and camcorder up out any room she enters. And I understand that no one wants a less than becoming photo floating around and that she has built up an empire off her voice and image.  But she may want to take a moment to think about the message she is sending by being so obsessed with the photos that hit the Web. This girl really needs to lighten up and stop taking herself so seriously sometimes!

I really hope that her fear of taking a bad picture doesn’t prevent her from GIVING IT in her dance routines at her concert because I, for one, am looking forward to seeing all those ugly faces when I hit the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour this summer.

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