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I know I’m not alone when I say that last night’s episode of “Scandal” took me through some changes. We knew that Huck had to have a disturbing past but I doubt any of us could have imagined that it was that tragic. Well last night we found out why. In addition to Huck’s story there were also some shocking moments from the other principle characters. Check out the most memorable moments from last night’s episode.

Normal, happy Huck

Up until now we’ve never seen Huck before he was working as a killer, before he was tortured, before he was broken. But last night in a 14 year flashback we saw Huck as a mostly well adjusted man. We see that he was in the military and loved a woman who wasn’t another contracted killer but a sweet, innocent-looking school teacher, played by actress Jasika Nicole. Shortly, after they’re reunited, the government offers him a position he literally cannot refuse.

Huck’s entrance into killing

Once Huck enters the office, he knows immediately that this “paper making company” is not what it seems. It’s clear that this is an agency for contracted killers. Before they offer him the position, they want to make sure that he’s detached, no wife no kids.  Despite the amount of money they’re willing to offer him, initially, Huck is against it. But they won’t allow him to walk away. For the first time we see just how long and sorted Huck’s connection to Charlie, the contracted killer Cyrus always hires, is. He’s the one who explained the business of torturing and killing to Huck, in the most casual way ever. He is also the man, we later learn, saved both Huck and his family’s life. The fact that he would make an exception, sparing Huck’s life makes me wonder if he once had a family of his own that he lost to his work.

Life and Death

One of the most disturbing moments from last night’s episode came as we watched Huck transition into torturing and killing folks with relative ease. Even when he found out his wife was pregnant, he channeled the joy he felt awaiting his son’s birth into the happiness he got from removing people’s limbs. It was kinds of sick, particularly because it was the first time I can remember not liking Huck very much. But he redeems himself after the birth of his son, when he realizes he can’t live this life anymore. From there that’s when everything falls apart. Once Charlie finds out Huck has a family, he basically threatens to get rid them if Huck won’t. He tries to flee but is captured and then held hostage for months on end with no light and presumably, very little food or water.

Fitz says he’s nothing with Olivia

In the first Fitz and Olivia have had an honest conversation in over a year in “Scandal” terms, he reveals that without her he’s nothing. He might not be nothing but he certainly is a shadow of himself without her influence. He tells her that he was wrong in the way he treated her in the past and then he asks her if she still loves him. We all know what she’s going to say. And as much as I can’t stand Olivia and Fitz, I was happy that she let him know the truth. Can you imagine what would have happened to him if she’d said no?! The country would have been in shambles. The scene was so powerful, my words won’t do it justice. Just check it out in its entirety above. Ultimately, it rekindles the hope for their dysfunctional relationship.

Olivia Makes Us Proud

Has anyone else noticed that anytime Fitz and Olivia sneak away to kiss each other, it’s always so…rough. Like raw, animalistic passion. The way they were going at it, I was certain that they were going to be horizontal humping in that hospital room. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. Olivia stopped the make out session, saying she can’t. During our dissection of last night’s episode one of my office mates said Olivia put a halt to the freaky sneaky because she wasn’t physically able to endure after suffering such severe head trauma.


Mellie’s Leaving

You would think at this point Mellie would know that Fitz loves Olivia and tolerates her. Yet, when she realizes that Fitz has not left Olivia’s side during her stint in the hospital, she looses it. Granted, it is kind of crazy that the President of the United States, didn’t live in the White House for days on end. When he does return, Mellie tells him that she’s “leaving,” which means she’s going to live next door. She further threatens Fitz saying that if he doesn’t end his relationship with Olivia, she’ll run to the media about his extramarital affair and he won’t get reelected. During this little tirade, the only time Fitz  flinches is when she says she’s taking his son with her. Thing is, if Mellie runs to the media who knows if it would benefit her in the long run. She would be out of the White House, Cyrus might try to kill her and then Fitz would run right to Olivia anyway. Though, we’re sure Olivia wouldn’t appreciate Mellie being the one facilitating their legitimization of their relationship. Either way, it seems like an idle threat, leaving most of us wishing Mellie would have a sit down.


At the tail end of the episode we learn the significance behind the  7:52 Huck has been chanting throughout the whole episode. It’s the exact time he last saw his wife and child. One of the saddest things about all of this is that Huck’s wife likely believes he left she and her child just like her father did. That, and the fact that Huck had been brainwashed so thoroughly that he didn’t even consciously remember that he had a family. I was able to hold it together, but there were plenty of the people who shed a few thug tears behind the loss of Huck’s family.

We ALL do Terrible Things

I loved the moment where Olivia said we all do terrible things. Viewers might have felt like this statement applied to the gladiators only; but it’s a statement that applies to all mankind. We might not be out here literally, torturing and killing people but we’ve all messed up…over and over again. Folks were on Twitter quoting biblical verses which express the same sentiment. Romans 3:23 if  you want to check it out.

The Questions
Who lets their child give a bum money without going with him?
Why does that guy keep letting Huck and his family live? Is there a deeper connection?
Who hired the contractor to kill Olivia? (It would seem like it’s Cyrus, right?)
Is Olivia ever going to tell the rest of the gladiators about her relationship with the president? Because we know Harrison won’t ever let that secret slip out.
After last night, did you have any questions of your own?

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