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We only have a few answers this week because we were all prepping for “Scandal.” But this week we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers when was the last time they hurt someone, whether it was intentional or not and if they apologized. See what they had to say.

Valencia: Monday! I apologized and then kicked him out my life because he’s too manipulative!! Stupid a#s Libra!
Shantel: Today actually. I hurt my son’s feelings It was not intentional. He vomited on my carpet and I was frustrated over that, and he thought I was mad at him. He even wrote me an apology letter, which I found after he went to bed. I will definitely be apologizing to him in the morning.
Kiana: Last week. My husband and I got into a really bad argument. I felt horrible about it and apologized for the things I said. I still feel horrible about it.
Mimi: The janitor on my job was cleaning my work station& I thought she was rearranging it. I snapped at her & didn’t realize until I got closer to my station that she was using a swiffer duster to clean my desk. (I should have known better. She cleans EVERY nook & cranny). I did apologize after-the-fact & it made me feel better when she said, “I’m not worried about you because you have a beautiful & fair personality.”
Senita: First,I always apologize when Im wrong- that’s a strength of mine…I cant recall hurting anyone’s feelings in quite some time though-tbh. Im not into that.
Michelle: A couple months ago. A girl in my classes was talking about a guy that she had broken up with. he had cancer for over a year or two and she took care of him during his treatments… that didn’t stop him from leaving and kicking her out of the home that they shared for a couple years as soon as he got a little better then completely ignoring her for weeks. she was trying to use his sickness as an excuse to why he was acting like an A$$.. I let her know that just because someone gets sick that doesn’t mean that they’re automatically a good person. his actions where showing that he didn’t care about her and i told her wasn’t into her ( at least not anymore) and that she should move on because he was an asshole. it made her cry and she left the class for that day… I told her i felt bad for making her cry the next time i saw her… I wasn’t sorry about what I said though.

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