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Earlier this week, the fool known as Ann Coulter was of course on Hannity on Fox News inciting fear and drama as usual, but definitely had people talking when she went after NOT Tamerlan Tsarneaev, one of the Boston Marathon bombers, but his wife, Katherine Russell. And why did she go after her? Because she decided to convert to Islam and walks around wearing a hijab. Oh Ann…

“I don’t care if she knew about this, she ought to be in prison for wearing a hijab. This immigration policy of us assimilating immigrants into our culture is not really working. No, they’re assimilating us into their culture. Should we get a clitorectomy too??”

While we could pinpoint many things wrong with her statements, we’ll let Star Jones do it. The lawyer, TV personality and journalist sat down with HuffPost Live’s Marc Lamont Hill and Alicia Menendez to discuss the National Association of Professional Women’s National Networking Conference she’s hosting, and said that Coulter should come to it, because she needs to speak to women of other backgrounds so that she can…you know, stop being so damn racist. Here’s what she told them:

“She’s woman that could benefit from networking with women who actually understand the concept that women are not a monolith. We do not think the same, look the same, act the same. We don’t come from the same background, the same experiences, we bring all of that to bear in this wonderful unity that’s called womanhood.”

When asked what would happen if Coulter showed up to the event and started talking about Muslim women and why they should be jailed for wearing the hijab, she said that Coulter might deserve to get a beatdown. A verbal one that is:

“She would probably get the beatdown, and hopefully it would be a verbal beatdown so the women could explain to her that what makes America great is the diversity of our cultures and the meeting of different cultures together to form this one beautiful fabric.”

“I’m really ashamed that someone who is considered to be a thinker or thought provoker would suggest something that is so totally racist on its base foundation. And to suggest that her garment should be outlawed because it indicated something negative is just ignorant, one, and two, incorrect. So you really don’t want to give it anymore credibility or time…I tend to like to say, if it does not benefit women, if it takes women back, if it makes us look catty and silly and uninformed, I try not to emphasize it. My job is to emphasize positivity.”

Can you ever be surprised by Ann Coulter though? It’s her job to display bird-like behavior 24/7.

What do you think of Jones’ comments?

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