You Can Save All That, Bruh: Wyclef Jean Says He Would Be Happy To Help Lauryn Hill With Tax Troubles (“My Door Is Always Open”)

April 24, 2013  |  

While I’m always for people lending a helping hand to folks, and Lauryn Hill could definitely use some help paying off her tax debt (and with a few other things), the idea that Wyclef Jean would offer out of all the people in the world just seems…odd. But that’s what he has done.

In an interview with DJ Green Lantern and Boss Lady on the Sirius radio show Invasion Radio, ‘Clef acted as if he wasn’t aware of her tax troubles or that she was even facing sentencing (which was postponed this week until early May), but he wanted to make it clear that despite their past squabbles, he wouldn’t want to see her end up in jail, or to see anything bad happen to her at all.

“That’s deep. What I could say to that is that at the end of the day, my heart goes out to her. I’m realizing…I have not been following that news at all…But I definitely wish her the best. That’s definitely a serious issue. Once again, if she’s listening, at the end of the day, my door is always open. I never closed my door to her in a sense of, if she ever needed anything, I was never the one to block–but she had mad people around her. But at the end of the day it’s one thing I learned about life. We could beef as much as we want, but if something was to really happen to her, I would feel bad. My arms is open…This is the first that I’m hearing about this news…but if she’s listening, I’m open.”

Hmmm. And on top of that, ‘Clef discussed the attempts in the past to get the Fugees back together and why each time was futile. A lot of if had to do with a lack of trust between members he claims, and he talks about how it led to him creating the very epic “Hips Don’t Lie” with Shakira–one of the best selling singles of all-time:

“Dave Chappelle got the Fugees together. He came and met us individually, and he didn’t have a deep story. He was just like, ‘I love the band. I think you guys should come rock with me.’ He’s funny, he’s pure, and he’s honest, and I felt other people were trying to get the band back together so that they could make billions. It’s hard with the Fugees because money never came first for us, integrity always come first. We ended up doing that, I thought it was great. When we went to the studio, keep in mind, when we did The Score, or when I met L and Pras when I was little…it was clear what everybody did in the group. What I am to the Fugees is like what is to the Black Eyed Peas, it’s clear. I felt like once we came back, I felt like that trust was lost. I didn’t have that title no more…So then I went on and I worked with Shakira and I gave her the biggest song of all time. Written by Wyclef Jean, get it straight. I felt sad about the Fugees thing though.”

“There has to be a level of trust on what is it that every individual is doing. Like me, I’m a producer. What I’m best at doing is, I know how to create artists. I know how to blow up artists. I do it over, and over and over again…The time that  I worked with Lauryn and the amount of stuff I put together with her, I haven’t come across a female remotely close. When she’s focused the talent is the most ridiculous. It sounds like four aliens in one. For me, I respected her in that sense and she respected me as a producer. But I think what hapened was, so much time had passed and so much new groups were coming out so it was like, “Does this dude still got it?” And then I went on and tapped that thing for Shakira, but I was more wanting to do it for the Fugees, but if I went to the Fugees I wouldn’t have had “Hips Don’t Lie.”

Seems ‘Clef and Lauryn have just been at odds for too long. But I wouldn’t encourage her to take this man’s offer, seeing as how he’s been dogging her in public for the last few years. Especially after that whole issue he brought up for his memoir claiming she told him that her son, Zion, was actually his. Just seems like another thing for him to throw back in her face in the future. Run Lauryn, RUN!

What do you think about his comments?


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