Straight From His Mouth: 4 Things About Rejection Women Can Learn From Men

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3. It might just be him and not you. No…really.

Men understand when it comes to being rejected from women, it isn’t always personal. While it may be true the young lady might not just be feeling a brother at that moment, there could literally be 100 million reasons why she wasn’t willing to give up her number. Could’ve been a bad day. Maybe she just went through a bad break-up. Maybe she doesn’t like her shoes and wished she chose better that morning. Whatever the case, just because we get rejected by women, doesn’t mean WE actually got rejected by women. It might sound like a trivial difference but trust me, I’ve been doing this a while. A positive mindset can cut through alot of negativity when it comes to dealing with approaching the opposite sex.

4. A short memory can go a long way.

Being rejected by someone you’re interested in is unpleasant. As a woman, you have to keep in mind you’re not every man’s taste and someone will not be warm to your advances no matter how charming, attractive, or short your dress is. What is paramount for success is to keep memories of failures short and hone in on your successes. The more guys you step out on a ledge on, the likelier you are to start collecting an embarrassing amount of losses to go with those wins. Nobody bats 1.000 out here in the “game of approaches,” so don’t dwell on how many times you’ve failed. Holding to negative thoughts in any facet of life helps nobody and the same goes for this situation as well. All you can do is see the opportunity and take your shot. If you brick the shot, forget about it. It happens to the best of us.

Ladies, keep these four things in mind when you’re approaching the opposite sex and watch as rejection becomes a non factor. Though I gave you some tips the most important thing is, you simply have to put yourself out there. Yes, men have all types of tricks and strategies to approaching women. Yes, we will talk to a bunch of women, get rejected and keep going. We will let nothing stop us from at least trying to catch a woman’s attention. Rejection hurts but so can walking in heels (that’s not a personal testimony). I have seen women suffer in the name of fashion, so in my opinion there’s no reason ya’ll can’t weather the  chance of rejection. Stop being scared and go for what you want.


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