Before And After: Celebs Whose Style Has Drastically Improved, And A Few Who’ve Fallen Off In The Fashion Department

May 2, 2013  |  
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Oh the wonders a great stylist can work in one’s career. But don’t we all know what the lack of one can do for one’s style. Some of our favorite trendsetters didn’t necessarily start off the freshest, while ones who started off age appropriate and chic somehow ended up dressing like they picked their ensembles out in the dark. Check out a few celebrities whose style improved big time over the years, and a few who even with a bunch of money, downgraded, and still can’t seem to get it right.


It’s actually Solange’s style that has helped her create her own lane and identity outside of her very well-known big sister (that and her drastically different music). But she didn’t get to African-inspired prints, fab fros and chic pantsuits overnight. She had to wear a lot of satin, bountiful weaves and things that I’m sure she would probably cringe at now on the way up. Is that a feather purse above? Girl, no.

But luckily for her, her unique change in style has made her one of the best dressed people out there (it’s true, even Vogue said so) and is just one of many things that has helped her finally garner the respect she deserves.

Kim Kardashian

I think Kim Kardashian might be afraid to NOT exude sex appeal. That’s probably why instead of relaxing in comfortable mumus and flats during her pregnancy, she’s trying oh so hard to show that she can be the most stylish mom around. But it’s not working. Everything is tight to the max, covering up her stomach on most occasions, and in the end, it’s just not that flattering. Since her style before the baby was all about body-hugging, she doesn’t know how to let go, even just for nine months. YOU NEED TO BREATH. And color, we need more color!


Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj burst onto the scene in a blast of rainbow colors and wigs the likes we hadn’t ever seen. While it could have been fun and refreshing, very soon she went overboard with it, piling on colors and prints that had no business together for attention and to shake the fashion world up. I think it just gave everybody a headache.

But surely enough, Minaj has calmed herself down since deciding to sign on as a judge for American Idol. She still loves pink, but not as much, and the hair has done a major change, jumping from dreadful wigs to blonde extensions. She looks sooooo much better.

Mariah Carey

How ironic that Mariah Carey would come next. Let’s keep it real, Mariah has never been a fashionista. When she divorced from Tommy Mottola, Carey finally could stop dressing so demure and show a little skin. Boy did she do that. Early on, it wasn’t bad. But enter Mariah Carey over the past…let’s just say 10 years, and all we’ve seen from her are spandex dresses that go down to her ankles with clunky heels. How many of these joints does she own???

Burn them all. You are too cute to make every occasion a spandex/bodycon one, boo.


LaLa Anthony

Now that LaLa Anthony is hellbent on being more than just a successful mother and wife, and wants to be a star-uh, we’ve seen her just about everywhere nowadays. And her style has definitely upgraded. No more all-tight everything. Now she rocks colorful dresses while running errands with Kiyan, as well as gorgeous gowns and chic embellished ensembles when hitting the red carpet with her boo or by her lonesome.

Amber Rose

I do like Amber Rose with Wiz Khalifa. I think he makes her very happy and they are a jolly ‘ol couple (and family with Bash). But I have to say that I miss her style with Kanye. Sorry, but it needed to be said. Ball gowns, furs, novel sunglasses, and fly accessories; he must have given her a black card to go shopping with because her fashion whereabouts used to be followed closely when they were an item. But nowadays (or make that before the baby came into the world and after), things have been a little…terrible. She’s still gorgeous, but the extra bright bodycon dresses and tights she stayed in are just not what we’re trying to see. by: JLN Photography/wenn

June Ambrose

When I see how far June Ambrose has come in the world of a celebrity stylist, and how far her own fashion game has stepped up, I just have to smile. Her style is so different, with her love of the highest heels, pantsuits, furry and fly hats, one-of-a-kind shades and designer jackets. You can get a glimpse of it every day on her Instagram. But in the early stages of the new Millennium, she was out here playing games in all black everything, and flouncy and full skirts. And really, the light brown hair didn’t do her justice. But nowadays, she’s killing the game at all times if you ask me. Hair is fab, shoe game is fab, style all around? Fab.

Jennifer Hudson

Before Jennifer Hudson lost all the weight, and soon after, her ensembles hugged her curves just right and flattered her figure. While I’m proud of her for showing us how to drop the pounds, I think it has greatly altered her style, and in a negative way. The things she puts together are often confusing nowadays, and she wears stockings with everything! This is a good time for her to finally wear all the things she has ever wanted to since her body is right and tight, but a few of those pieces (including those orange leather shorts below) should have been left on the rack.

Kelly Rowland

The last few months have been very kind to Kelly Rowland, and I have a feeling that a great stylist is the reason for that. Always stunning, Rowland struggled in the past with her wigs and some drab looking ensembles. With a body like that, she needs to show it off the right way, and she’s been doing just that as of late. Case in point, the black Georges Chakra Couture gown she wore to the Grammys this year. And the hair is looking so much better, girl. You better work!


Ashanti has never been the Audrey Hepburn of hip-hop & R&B when it comes to her style (no one is really…). She never was that edgy, but her style back in the day was flattering and definitely fit the trends of the time. But these days, while still trying to get back into the limelight, she’s been opting for joints that look like prom dresses, and over-embellished party dresses. Honestly, she’s been dressing like your Aunt Jackie trying to pull some of her favorite pieces from the ’80s out the closet. What’s with the Dynasty fur stole?? Another great looking girl, she needs to continue to show off those legs, but everything above that might need to be re-evaluated.


In the beginning, Ciara wasn’t trying very hard to stand out fashion wise. She was a tomboy from the ATL, so she often dressed like somebody on their way to an awards luncheon or homecoming dance, instead of an artist going to a big event or awards show. And when she started making that real effort, she did a little TOO much (see the black Givenchy dress in the middle, above). Tone it down Ci!

And she did, while still finding a way to sex it up. Plus, she chilled out on the extensions, started going for a HOT blonde bob (and gave those lacefronts a break), and stepped her style up so much that she became a muse for Riccardo Tisci, the creative director for Givenchy. Since then, she’s looked fab on the red carpet and snagged her a fine looking man too! Now let’s just get this album out already and this music together, girl.

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