Time To Switch It Up! Signs You Need A New Workout Routine

April 24, 2013  |  
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When it comes to exercise, it’s hard for someone else to determine whether or not it’s time for a change. Exercise is a personal thing and your workout routine results and problems can only be recognized by you. No matter if you’re a novice to physical fitness or an expert, there’s always wiggle room for change when it comes to your workout routine. Here are 14 signs that you need to switch up your exercise regime ASAP!

You’re not seeing results

If you’re working out and eating properly, you should be seeing results. If you aren’t seeing anything noticeable in the mirror or if your clothing sizes haven’t changed, it’s likely that you need a new exercise routine. With the right routine, you should be able to watch your body transform. Inches should be coming off and you should start to see more tone to your body.

You have new fitness goals

So maybe in the beginning you wanted to lose weight and improve your endurance, so you did a lot of cardio exercises, such as running on the treadmill and walking around. However, now that you’ve lost weight and built-up your endurance, you want to focus more on gaining muscle, which requires lifting weights. When your fitness goals change, your workout routine should change with them.

You’re sore after every workout

If you’re new to working out, be prepared to be sore the first couple of workouts. However, if your soreness lasts and never seems to go away, something isn’t right. Though being sore means that you’re working out hard and making progress, there is a such thing as working out too hard. Exercising shouldn’t make you sore 24/7. If you’re sore all of the time, make some changes to your routine.

You’re putting on weight

There’s nothing worse than exercising your butt off all week, only to step on the scale and see the numbers going up! If weight loss if your main fitness goal and the scale isn’t showing results, it’s time for a new routine. Try working out a bit harder and pushing your body a bit more. The more strenuous the exercise, the more calories you will burn. You may also want to switch between cardio and weight lifting every other day.

You’re not happy

Exercising releases hormones within the brain that are supposed to induce a happier mood. If you’re unhappy with your exercise routine, it only makes sense to change it. Being unhappy with your workouts means that you aren’t doing exercises that make you feel good. Try switching things up and find a happy medium where you’re able to leave the gym with a smile on your face.

You’re bored

You rush through your exercises. You cannot wait to get out of the gym. You find yourself losing focus when you workout. A boring workout is never a good one. You should be excited to workout and by the end of it all you should be happy with the physical activity that you do. Being bored with your workout routine can be dangerous, especially if your mind is elsewhere while you’re doing something strenuous. One wrong move and you could hurt yourself.

You’ve injured yourself

Safety and exercise should go hand-in-hand. If you’re completely new to exercising, it’s important that you first take the time to read and learn about establishing a proper workout routine and the exercises that you should be doing for your level of fitness. Exercising improperly or overexerting your body is bound to lead to injury. If you’ve injured yourself, reassess your workout routine and make the appropriate changes.

You’re skipping workouts

It’s okay to take a day off here and there from exercising. However, when you start skipping workouts on a constant basis, it’s evident that something isn’t going right. Maybe you’re boredwith your workout, or maybe you’ve injured yourself and you just don’t have much interest in working out anymore. Or, maybe you’ve simply lost interest because you’re not seeing results.

You’re not challenged anymore

You could do your workout routine with your eyes closed. You don’t sweat nearly as much as you used to. You don’t have to put forth a lot of effort to complete your workout. When your workout becomes an easy feat instead of a challenge, it’s definitely time to change things around. You want your workouts to challenge you and to cause you to push yourself to the limit.

You’re left with no energy

Though exercise can cause you to be tired sometimes, it shouldn’t be a constant occurrence. Exercise should actually give you energy due to the post-workout burn that pushes adrenaline throughout your body. If you’re exercising and going home and crashing, you’re overexerting yourself or you’re working out too often. Step back a little and find the right workout routine that boosts your energy.

Your exercise timing is off

The amount of time you spend exercising each day should be well-balanced. There’s no need to workout for hours each day, but on the other hand, you want to do more than just walk the treadmill for five minutes. Be sure that you’re exercising for at least 30 minutes each day, but also be sure that you aren’t going overboard as well.

You have sore joints

Your knees hurt. Your hips hurt. Overall your body just hurts. If your joints hurt, your workout routine is probably a bit too much for you. Having sore joints means that it’s time to do less strenuous exercises. It also means that you should start listening to your body more.

You use nothing but machines

There’s nothing wrong with using the treadmill, elliptical, or weight machines. However, your entire exercise routine should not be made up of machine-based workouts. It’s always nice to do body weight exercises as well as exercises that don’t rely on machines. This way your body is able to grow and you’re not so dependent upon machines in order to get fit.

You’ve had the same routine forever

Since the day you’ve started working out until now, you’re been doing the same exact exercise. Even though you’re comfortable with this routine, it’s always helpful to switch up your routine at least every couple of weeks. Doing the same workout for months at a time could not only lead to boredom, but your body get used to the workout and you may find that your exercises are now completely effortless — and ineffective.

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