We’re Gonna Pass On These: The Wackest Celebrity Endorsements Ever

April 24, 2013  |  
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Yes, look at them now. They are getting paper! First, celebrities rise to stardom via their talents as a singer, dancer, rapper, actor or actress, then they start snagging endorsement deals and the real cash pours in. The rich and famous usually jump at the opportunity of an endorsement because it means mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money — and additional publicity. Remember Beyoncé just signed a whopping $50 million endorsement deal with Pepsi? I mean who wouldn’t hesitate to chug down a can of that carbonated drink on camera for that kinda green? But not everyone gets such credible and prestigious opportunities. Sometimes celeb endorsement deals are straight up outlandish and wack, to say the least. Just because you put your smiling face next to a product, doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll buy as the consumer. We may just end up laughing, much like we did with these products.

T-Pain’s Auto-tune Microphone

Zapp and Rogers gone wild! Digital crooner T-Pain created and endorsed an auto-tune microphone for kids to manipulate their vocals.

Romeo Miller’s ICDC College

Make em say uh uh! Master P’s boy Lil Romeo sings the praises of an online college, which is admirable. But did you peep that little “ICDC” freestyle flow at the end? Does the c in IDCD stand for corny?

Warren G Private Part Enhancement

Regulators! Don’t mount up!  Nothing like the Dogg Pound rapper to chat with you about how your “‘little man” isn’t working up to its full potential. Flanked by scantily clad women, the former rapper even wore a satin red robe and cheesy, royalty crown fit for a wanna-be king in the ad for Affirm XL. The ghetto Hugh Heff is in the house!

Ray J’s Skincare

Yes, he hit it first. And now he’s first in raking in $1 million dollars to endorse Ingrown Hair Serum with skin care company Prince Reigns. We don’t get the connection.

Mary J. Blige and Burger King

Move over, Chicken George! Mary’s Burger King commercial showed the eager singer getting a bit too jolly over their new crispy chicken wrap.

Mr. T’s FlavourWave Turbo Oven

I pity the fool who doesn’t turbo cook their food! Mr. T’s oven turbo promised to cook food three times faster than average timing. His signature muscles, tiny tank and Mohawk took us all down memory lane…. unfortunately.

Kardashian Kard

The Kardashian clan at it again! This MasterCard credit card was targeted towards teenagers. It also cost between $60-$100 to activate. Please ladies, just stick to reality TV instead of encouraging teens to rack up debt.

Snoog Dogg and SkullCandy

The D O double G dons the artist series version of these funky looking headphones that are supposed to make your “skull feel like a swarm attack by the renegades of funk.” Huh?

Brad Pitt and Chanel No5

“The world turns and we turn with it,” says a solemn Brad Pitt. What in the world does that mean? The black and white commercial featuring the serious actor in mid soliliquy was too much to bare. Spoofs of the commercial are sprinkled all over Youtube and we’re pretty sure no one picked up a bottle of the perfume as a result of this ad spot.

MC Hammer and KFC Chicken

The speedy-leg, dancing rapper was quick to shuck and jive for KFC’s tasty fried chicken. Nothing like Hammer pants wiggling in the wind to get me to think of some good ol’ greasy, fried chicken.

Ice Cube And Coors Light

After giving Debo a beatdown, you go and do this?? The former gangsta rapper turned actor is all for endorsing  light beer. In the commercial, he says, “You think you colder than me.”  Umm … actually, yes. Yes I do.

Shannon Doherty and Education Connection

The mean girl actress Shannon Doherty reps Education Connection, an online company that matches individuals with colleges based on their preferences and interests. The washed up actress looks totally drab and broke, barely mustering up faux enthusiasm for her pitch. We wouldn’t be surprised if people dropped out, instead of enrolling after this bit.

Beyonce’s  Samsung Cellphone

The B’Phone came preloaded with Beyoncé content and giddy Bey fans could also upload exclusive videos and photo galleries of Beyoncé. OMG, did it come with her number too?? Pass.

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