Just For Laughs: 9 Unique Ways People Have “Honored” Their Mothers

May 12, 2013  |  
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Mothers.  Aren’t they great?  We couldn’t be here without their eggs, and when Mother’s Day rolls around we are encouraged to celebrate those women who contributed to bring us into the world.  When you were younger you made arts and crafts projects, when you got older, you might have made it rain in the Hallmark Store, and now that you’re adult you might have to put in a little more thought about it.  Well, there are options, and these individuals have upped the ante on celebrating the moms of the world.  So, take a gander at some of these good, funny, and some slightly misguided celebrations.

Twerking for Mother’s Day
Twerking is something that I’ve always known about, but it has been brought to mainstream media’s attention due to Miley Cyrus’s twerk video.  The discussion of twerking is usually polarizing.  Some see it as a way to embrace your body and sexuality, while others see it as unnecesary air grinding.  However, Naomi, more so known as “Struggling to be Heard” released a twerk video to honor mothers.  This video has been as polarizing as the dance itself, but Naomi defends her work and addresses the positive meaning behind the video and twerking in general.

Loving Mothers, like Motherlovers

After the success of a song that glorifies putting male genitals in boxes, the Lonely Island Boys team, along with Justin Timberlake came back to create a song (that is NSFW without the headphones on) to not only honor mothers, but to encourage you to take care of your friends’ moms.

Flashmob Mode

Mother’s Day is celebrated globally, and here’s a group of kids in India performing in a flashmob for their mothers.  SO CUTE!

Prank Her

Jimmy Kimmel has issued multiple challenges on his show for his viewers to, in a way, prank people in their lives, video tape it, and put it on Youtube.  So, I just knew that there was going to be a compilation video on his channel, but… there wasn’t.  However, that didn’t stop people from participating in the challenge. and it shouldn’t stop you either.

Spoken Word

Spoken word is truly an art form and if you have that gift, share it with the woman who might only hear words that are requesting a lot of her.  Tell her words that celebrate her, just like Oveous Maximus did.

Take a Family Photo

There’s a lot of familial politics, and when you’re banding together with your sibling(s) to take a photo for your mother, it can become a little vicious, as shown by the comedy team “Barats and Bereta.”

Put her in a Giveaway

Everyone likes free things, and I’m pretty sure that you mother does too.  The way how I see it, someone has to win, and if you’re living close to a city that host a television show, go, bring your mother, and you could win things, like the guests on the Ellen Show.

Celebrate with Wrestlers and Cindi Lauper

In 1985, the then named WWF did a special for Mother’s Day where they included Cyndi Lauper, prior to the bird pooping incident.  Poetry, girlfriends,  a young Hulk Hogan.  What could go wrong?

Dedicate a song to Her

No woman is perfect, but when Tupac did “Dear Mama,” he proved that no matter what obstacles that your mother might face, if she’s dedicated to being a good mother, despite her flaws, then she’s still a queen.

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