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Many of these radio personalities or DJs have expanded their brands and can be seen on TV or have moved to the bif time in radio and have syndicated shows.  They made radio fun and kept us yearning for more. Some of them, of course, have us wondering, “Where are they now?” So while the internet has certainly changed the course of radio, one thing is for sure: it can never replace the mark these people left behind in traditional radio.

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams was originally a radio personality in New York City, known as the “Queen of All Media”. We miss Wendy on the radio, even though she’s doing her thing now as a TV star. Wendy on the radio was as raw and uncut as you could get with people monitoring you. We will never forget the interview she did with the late Whitney Houston where Whitney told Wendy, “Watch what you say, babygirl. Just watch what the f**k you say!”  Classic! And of course, her famous saying, “How YOU doing,” kicked off right over the radio airwaves. Wendy Williams held her down for years on radio and I miss her.

Ed Lover and Dr. Dre

We really miss this dynamic duo. Starting out as hosts of  Yo! MTV Raps, Ed and Dre eventually moved on to radio in the 90s when Hot 97 changed formats and became a hip hop station.  They certainly left their mark on radio with segments like “Roll Call” and their shenanigans made them popular for a little while in movies where they often made guest appearances. Ed Lover is currently rocking on Sirius XM as a host of “Backspin,” but we haven’t seen or heard from Dr. Dre in a long time.  If someone knows where to find him, let us know!

DJ Clue

Quite frankly, there’s a big chance DJ Clue is more well known for what’s he’s done off the air versus what he’s done on the air.  He is the reason we all (well, most) know who rapper Fabolous is today. He coined the term “Clueminati” whenever he would be tapped to be on the remix to a song or whenever he would put out one of his Desert Storm mixtapes. He got his radio start on Hot 97 in New York City and can now be heard on Power 105.1, also in NYC, where he is one of the most popular evening personalities.

Tom Joyner

Tom Joyner is now in syndication for his work as a radio personality with the “Tom Joyner In The Morning Show”. He has contributed so much to the radio industry, so we  give respect when it’s due. Tom Joyner is the definition of a person who seized their opportunity in this industry. He turned being on the radio into having his own show on TV to publishing books. He’s definitely not just a DJ and we are certain that other greats are following behind his footsteps.

Star And Buc Wild

Star and Buc Wild were really and truly too much for traditional radio. The brothers were way too explicit for it and like most personalities pushed the envelope as far as they could, even if they ended up in big trouble for it. Many will remember that they played a loop of screams after Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash. It was a public relations nightmare for Hot 97 where the two got their big break. Buc Wild was actually the more quiet one of the two while Star was usually the main culprit.  He was also involved in a huge beef with DJ Envy after he made racist and sexual comments about Envy’s wife and daughter. However, the people  mostly loved it and for quite some time, the ratings they pulled in was enough to overlook their antics. Star can now be found doing a weekly show on his “Shot 97” website.

 Kool DJ Red Alert

This list would not be complete with hip hop pioneer, DJ Red Alert. This man is very well respected in the industry. He started off in hip hop as a member of the Zulu NAtion which included A tribe Called quest (whom he helped get their big break in music), Movie Love and De La Soul.  As his legendary DJ status rose, he moved into radio on the now defunct NYC station Kiss FM and kept himself relevant.  He now does guest mixes on various traditional and internet radio shows. DJ Red Alert has done it all and is a living legend.

Miss Jones

Miss Jones was a hot mess. Much like her radio brethren, Star and Buc Wild, she was just too much for traditional radio. I will never forget when she dissed Beyonce and made a song about J.Hud getting an Oscar and not Bey.  The next day, she was suspended because as we all know Bey’s people don’t just let people openly disrespect her. Jonesy still didn’t care as she came back still talking smack. This is why we liked her so much. She made radio fun and while she hasn’t been on the radio in some time, we’re always going to remember her antics…good or bad.

Kid Capri

Kid Capri was that DJ you always saw on a TV show like Def Comedy Jam or Bad Boys of Comedy. He has now moved on to other ventures and you can see him on Master of the Mix on MTV. Kid Capri always finds him a gig whether on the radio or TV. He’s a hustler, baby, and always staying relevant!

DJ Jazzy Joyce

Jazzy Joyce represents for all the women in this hip hop industry, especially as a DJ.  There aren’t a lot of female DJs who can rock on the radio and in the clubs. Oh and don’t let her gender fool you: Joyce puts it down better than many, male or female. She was on some big hip hop songs and albums and was on the first season of Master of the Mix as a contestant.  Hopefully, we’ll be seeing a lot more from Jazzy Joyce soon.

Tony Touch

Tony Touch was a DJ that you would hear frequently on both of New York’s hottest radio stations, Hot 97 and Power 105.1. He moved on to do mixtapes like any other DJs and garnished much respect and success. However, we have no idea what Tony Touch has been up to. There needs to be a “Where Are They Now” show for popular DJs. Maybe MTV2 can handle that…?

Fat Man Scoop

Fat Man Scoop started his radio career after he’d become a global sensation. He is most popular for his remix of Fauth Evans’ “Love Like This,” where his call and response part is known worldwide. He moved on to do overnights at Hot 97 where he was able to get a little racy and become extremely popular. He eventually moved up into a midday segment where he stayed for a few years until moving on to continue his global brand as a DJ.  We really miss him and hope to hear him on the radio again soon.

Lala Anthony

Often times, people forget that Ms. LaLa got her start on radio. As a high school student, she received her first break at a radio station working side by side with Ludacris at an Atlanta radio station before either of them were famous.  Soon after, she moved to Los Angeles and worked for KKBT radio station. It’s pretty much history from there because she began to work for MTV and continued on to bigger and better things. Today, Lala is married to NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony and she also has her own reality show, makeup line, and she’s co-starring in movies left and right!


Rocsi Diaz

Before becoming 106th & Park host, Rocsi was a radio personality in Chicago, known as the “Midday Mami.” Rocsi had a good run on BET’s number one video/music show and can now be seen as a correspondent on Entertainment Tonight.

Robin Quivers

Robin Quivers is known as the sidekick to radio personality, Howard Stern. Robin is seen as the witty, smart mouth female of the show. She most certainly made her mark on that show and stood out, not only as a woman of color but working with a dominate person like Howard Stern. Robin was in movies alongside Howard and everything he did because she helped make the show. Nowdays, Robin is still on radio but due to her battle with cancer (she’s now cancer free), she’s slowed it down a bit. Up until recently, she was actually doing the show from home. We’re so glad she’s doing better now!

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