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Let’s back into time…way back into time. Like when you were in high school. While some of us have pretty much stayed the same over the years, a good number of us did a 180. We hit up our Facebook and Twitter followers to see how they’ve changed over the year. See what they had to say.

Rita: Good question. I was a nice girl-at the same time…I goofed around a bit. And yes they would be surprised to see the type of woman I’ve become…more so proud of me. lol

Emicia: I went to LaGuardia High so we were like Glee before Glee LoL. Kelis and Nicki Minaj were there the same time as me actually. Like my classmates, I was eclectic, artistic and mildly socially awkward LoL. I am the same now, just with less egoism and more altruism.

Shana: I was in the band, not so cute with glasses, not popular but people knew who I was. A lot of people are surprised to see the type of woman I am now. I’m a school teacher & a model. All the people that dissed me before are starting to regret their choice.

Devin: I don’t think they would be surprised because I have always been the laughing type but got my work done…

Alexis: I was reserved, quiet, mostly stayed to myself, the studious girl, kept a small but very close circle of friends. I think they’d be surprised to learn I am much more social than I was back then….and probably a lot more congenial. Lol

Markisha: Good, quiet girl, slight tomboy and kept a job. Today The same. No surprise I’m a go getter.

MsParker: I was a Itchbay — it was a defense mechanism after being bullied. Now people say I am one of the sweetest and approachable people.

Andrea: Quiet. A lil freak, now…I speak up for myself and I’m a better freak !!! Lol

Mmderosier: Quiet girl with a book surgically attached to her hands. Nope. Still the same.

Dava: I was a well rounded introvert. I was very involved in school, graduated at the top of my class, known and loved by many. People would be thoroughly surprised to hear about the downward spiral I went through shortly after leaving high school, but would also totally believe that I am steadily making my way back to the person I thought I’d grow up to be back then.

Margaret: I was very quiet and shy. I got picked on quite a bit. But I still have the same friends so they’ve seen me grow.

April: I was the quiet observer. I knew everyone’s business because no one didn’t pay me any attention. I only pushed myself when, the topic excited me, but since graduation, I’ve done everything I said I’d do.

Nicole: Oh yes..that girl I was she and she was me! But I’m teaming up with the Lord now..all about trying to get right.

Sarita: I was really reserved back then I was silly but introverted. People would probably be surprised by me now. I’m proud and outspoken these days. My confidence has gone up. When motherhood began my life as a door mat ended lol

TrebleClef: I was the type that would try to buy friends because I was overweight. Those same people arent worth the occasional school lunch I bought them. Lol I have better friends now.

Alisha: The only people who are surprised are the judgmental church folks who said I would never amount to anything because I didn’t follow everything they said. I asked questions and had my own mind. That’s still true today and it has granted me much success.

Sol: I was a shy skinny Christian jock. Now I’m a plump outspoken heathen.

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