Where Are They Now? Female Child/Teen Stars From Some Of Our Favorite ’90s Movies & TV Shows

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These little ladies were some of just a few faces we used to see all over the place in the ’90s playing somebody’s daughter, sister, or friend. They were very talented, but like many people who start acting early, many of the young ladies on this list took a break at a certain point so that they could live normally. While a few got back into TV and film, others are trying their hand at new ventures. So where are they all now? Let’s see…

Anna Chlumsky

While she has worked on and off over the years in many different roles and guest roles, we loved Chlumsky as the feisty tomboy Vada in My Girl and My Girl 2, with My Girl being one of the most unexpected emotional films ever. I still can’t get over Macaulay Culkin’s death in that movie *sigh*

But anywho, Chlumsky became a pretty big star after doing the franchise, yet for a good span of years in the late ’90s, she just did guest roles. But recently, the now 32-year-old, who worked in journalism for a few years, has returned to film and TV. She has a role on the HBO series, Veep, is married, and just announced last month that she’s expecting her first child.

Bianca Lawson

You might remember Lawson most from being the trife ex-girlfriend of Derek in Save The Last Dance (see the photo to the right), but homegirl was a teen actress who first made a big splash as Megan on Saved By The Bell: The New Class. She also made big guest appearances on everything including Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The Steve HarveShow. And as the years have gone on, she has kept working steadily, even if not in the biggest roles. She was cast on The Secret Life of the American Teenager for a recurring guest role, as well as on Vampire Diaries, and most recently, Teen Wolf on MTV. Her biggest role as of late was playing Maya on Pretty Little Liars.

Mackenzie Rosman

Rosman was little Ruthie Camden, one of the youngest members of the massive Camden clan on the WB’s massively popular show, 7th Heaven. Since the show ended in 2007, Rosman has spent a lot of time fundraising for a Cystic Fibrosis foundation (her sister has the condition), but now she’s back in the spotlight, having a guest role on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, posing in Maxim (whaaaat!?) and finishing up three films that will be released this year.

Jessika Quynn Reynolds

Awwwww! Remember this face from Holiday Heart? She was the cute daughter of Alfre Woodard’s drug addicted character, trying to make sense of the world around her with the help of Ving Rhames’ drag queen character, Holiday. Last time I saw Reynolds, she was not getting along too nicely with the character of Vanessa on The Bernie Mac Show. So what is she up to now? Well, not sure of the specifics as far as acting, but after doing some searching around, I found that her main focus is singing in a band called Daviis with her twin, who is in the picture below (watch them rehearsing here). Reynolds looks exactly the same in the face does she not?

Christy Carlson Romano

If it wasn’t for the hilarity of Even Stevens on Disney, where would the very cute Shia LaBeouf be right now? When we weren’t laughing at the antics of LaBeouf’s Louis, we were watching him go head to head with his on-screen sister, the perfectionist Ren, played by Christy Carlson Romano. Ever since the show ended in 2003 (’99-’03), she pretty much stuck to doing TV and film roles aimed at children and young adults. But she’s also done Broadway, including starring as Belle in the production of Beauty and the Beast, and having a role in the Broadway show Avenue Q. She’s also tried her hand at music, covering classic Disney songs and recording new material, including a debut album for Walt Disney Records.

Rae’Ven Larrymore Kelly

“YES THEY DESERVED TO DIE, AND I HOPE THEY BURN IN HELL!” Who hasn’t seen A Time To Kill? And if you’ve seen the movie, I’m sure you remember Rae’Ven’s face. She played the 10-year-old little Southern girl who is sexually assaulted by two racist white men, which pushes her father (played so well by Samuel Jackson) to kill them to make sure they wouldn’t get off scot-free. It was definitely a big role for a little girl, and she went on to have guest roles on Living Single, and Roseanne, and she played a young Tina Turner in What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Now 27, the actress has starred alongside LeToya Luckett in A Preacher’s Kid, and is working on two new film projects this year.

Hallie Kate Eisenberg

First of all, I bet you $10 you didn’t know this cute little curly-haired girl was the sister of actor Jesse Eisenberg, from The Social Network. And second of all, wasn’t she EVERYWHERE back in the day? From Pepsi commercials to movies like Paulie, The Insider, The Miracle Worker (as Helen Keller) and Bicentennial Man. Now 20, the last movie she did was Holy Rollers with her brother Jesse in 2010. She looks exactly the same, just taller!

Kiami Davael

Cutest. Kid. Ever.

Davael played Lavender, the raspy voiced student with the big glasses who became besties with Matilda in the film of the same name. Since then, she had a recurring role on In The House, and even appeared in the film Bruno in 2000. But for the most part, Davael has stayed out of the spotlight. After 2000 she went MIA, and once she graduated from high school she went to the University of Kentucky where she studied and received a degree in Psychology. She resides in Atlanta, and recently wrote a short film called Reckless.

Mara Wilson

Speaking of Matilda, I couldn’t forget about the title character in this movie. You know her before Matilda for doing Mrs. Doubtfire, and after that, for the revamped Miracle on 34th Street and A Simple Wish. But by 2000, she was pretty much done with acting and after high school, attended NYU. These days, she says if she does do acting again, it will only be small films and on the stage, but in the meantime, she has done a few web series, including The Nostalgia Critic, where she appeared to do reviews of her own past films–A Simple Wish, and Matilda.

Penny Bae Bridges

I’m sure you’ve seen Bridges’ face many a time in the ’90s. She played one of Michael Jordan’s kids in Space Jam, Martin Lawrence’s daughter in Nothing to Lose, and a young Mona on Half & Half. But like many of the young women on this list, by the early 2000s, she took a pretty extended break from film. Nowadays, she’s singing, and loves doing hair, and she’s hoping she can have major success in both. We shall see!

Trina McGee-Davis

Okay, okay, okay, so maybe she wasn’t necessarily a teenager when she was playing one on TV, but McGee’s role on Boy Meets World was a pretty big deal back in the day. Especially for TGIF standards. McGee played Angela, the girlfriend of Shawn on the show, and it was one of the first really committed interracial teen couples I’d seen on television (and she was Laura Winslow’s friend who got shot by a bully on Family Matters). But since her time on TGIF ended, she took small guest parts here and there, got married, had some kids, and as we’ve seen recently, changed her look.

Jodie Sweetin

The struggles of the middle child. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Sweetin’s character of Stephanie Tanner on Full House, but I know I was definitely wondering where she had gone off to after all these years. Well, after Full House, she hosted a FUSE TV show called Pants-Off Dance-Off, got married and had a child. But then things started to go left. Sweetin got divorced, and wound up becoming addicted to meth. After getting clean, she spoke publicly about it, and even wrote a book about it, and spoke on the alcohol abuse she got into after the end of Full House. It was called unSweetined. She’s doing some voice work for animated movies, had another baby and got engaged again in 2011.


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