Street Fighter Multi-Player & Jose Cuervo: 10 Things Your Man Would Like You To Try With Him

May 15, 2013  |  
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Men can be vocal about what they want from their significant others, sometimes expecting them to anticipate their needs or indulge their desires. Yet, they don’t always express what they would like to do with their partners. So, here’s a list of things that your man might like to do with you, in regards to entertainment, sex, and hobbies, that you might not have thought of.

Skin Ink

When love seems eternal, some men like to signify that by having the both of you mark one another with a token of affection, like an image or name written on the other person’s body. The latter idea is kind of a terrible idea, so even if your man doesn’t want you to tattoo his lips on your hips, or put his initials on your body,  a lot of men simply enjoy getting tattoos with their significant other and hitting up the tattoo parlor together for a quick thrill.

Mortal Kombat, Tekken & Street Fighter

Most guys have been playing video games since they were wet behind the ears, many still picking up their controllers before they even bother to pick up a book, or food to eat. So, naturally, they gain some sort of satisfaction from ‘schooling’ you in Mortal Kombat, all while boasting and calling you a button-masher. Take him up on his offer the next time he claims to be incredible at a game, and see who comes out the victor.

Going Out On A Nice Date…On You

There are just so many times that a couple can go on a date where the man pays for everything before your boyfriend/partner might start to get a little bothered. You can’t pick up the tab on drinks once? While every gal likes to be wined and dined, at some point, it never hurts to start chipping in and contributing to the fun the both of you have. Next time you go to the movies, pay for the snacks if you don’t do the tickets. If you go out for dinner, grab the check and say, “I got it this time.” He wants to have a good time with you, but it will probably be even more fun if he doesn’t have to pay for once.

Hoops, And Running: Having Active Fun Together 

There are those who like to exercise on their own, but there are many who find great appeal in exercising and playing sports with a significant other. Perhaps it’s the support that attracts men to the idea of of pairing up with their girlfriends as a sprinting partner or cycling partner–or competitiveness, when challenging her to a game of H.O.R.S.E. on the court (or in the backyard). Either way, it wouldn’t hurt to get healthy together.

Jose Cuervo, Admiral Nelson & ‘Em

Obviously, lots of men like to drink with their buddies, but they also like to drink with their women. It doesn’t matter if you two are sharing cocktails in a lounge or sharing beers on a couch, lots of men love the idea of getting ‘buzzed’ in the company of their girlfriend.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter With His Family 

Granted, for some men, the idea of meeting the family is horrifying. But, for others, they can’t wait to introduce their other half to their family, and share holidays with one another. Some end up finding satisfaction in having everyone that they love being together.

Flesh” Films

Behind closed doors, they all do it. They venture to one of the many adult film sites or they flip open one of the many cheeky magazines, and they browse page after page, seduced by nameless women doing whatever ungodly act while pretending that a camera isn’t inches from her face. While plenty of men are under the impression that their significant others aren’t aware of their dirty little habit, other men have opted to bring their lovers into the fold, watching the “informative material” with them before late night lovin’ sessions.

Attending Games And Sporting Events With Him

Most men, not all, love sports. They love the competition, they love the adrenaline, they love the passion, and they love the aggression. They put so much time and energy into watching and attending sporting events and supporting their favorite teams, that it’s only natural that your partner would like to share some of that sport-related gusto with the one that he cares for most–you.

Avatar, Pokemon, and Fullmetal Alchemist

Some men still have that junior high school love toward animated television shows. They still remember the names of most of the Pokemon (not just the yellow one with the lightening bolt tail), and they like to recline and watch a few episodes of their favorite anime when no one’s around. And, while you may or may not share his enthusiasm regarding the characters from Dragon Ball Z, he’d appreciate you taking the time to sit back and indulge in some of his more “childish” interests.

Bed, Backstage and Beyond

So, when it comes to the bedroom, men sometimes like to get “eager.” They suddenly plead for everything from “back stage passes” to leather catsuits and whips, or anything from dirty talk to threesomes. The bedroom is truly the place where men find an urge for you two to do adventurous, kinky, or possibly creative things. Have your standards of course, but don’t be afraid to try a few new things.

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