Unheard And Ignored: What Is It Like To Be A Judith?

April 9, 2013  |  

Warning: This is not another (eyeroll) Tyler Perry review so please if you came here to say that TP is ‘getting money’ so therefore ‘stop hating,’ save that for the next TP production. I’m sure there will be a Madea in Africa or something like that coming this Christmas we can trade TP jabs over. Also there are spoilers all up in this bish so if you haven’t seen “Temptation,” and don’t want it ruined for you, you know what to do…”

So I saw the new Tyler Perry flick.

There is lots to say about this film however there is one scene in the film, which has perked my interest: It’s the kitchen scene with Judith (played by my girl Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and Brice (played by Lance Gross). Sexual excited from the tales of wild, animal-like sex in strange places from a client (later identified as the devil) at her job, Judith grabs her husband, who is obliviously munching down on a sandwich, and tries to jump up on it. Her husband, who looks confused as to why his wife has her6 legs wrapped around him, pleading with him to give it to her Ol’ Dirty Bastard-style on the kitchen counter, is basically like, ‘Nawh, Judith stop! What has gotten into you woman. Can’t you see I’m eating a sandwich. A SANDWICH! So this is what’s going to happen: let me eat this sandwich first and we can go in the bedroom and do this the RIGHT way.’ Then he leaves her there on the kitchen counter, looking shell-shocked and rejected as he goes back to his delicious sandwich.

The fact that he wanted to finish his meal prior to sex means of little consequence to me. Sometimes you are just that hungry or the meal is just that good. Plus men are not animals therefore can, should and do exercise their rights to say ‘no’ to sex as well. But here is an instance where a woman is trying to assert herself sexually and is rejected, not because of a hunger or because he doesn’t feel like it but because her approach to sex was deemed not-right. The implication here was that there is something unnatural and perverse about her desire to want to get freaky with her husband outside the bedroom.

As I am watching the film, I notice that it is not just her sexual appetite, which is being neglected. Judith tells her husband about how she feels about her job and how she feels she is ready to start a business of her own. Most people nowadays wants to applaud women for taking ownership of their professional lives. Instead, Brice again dismisses her feelings and tells Judith to wait for like 10-15 years. Because nothing says “ambitious in life” like waiting for it to happen. This sort of neglect isn’t just with her husband; Sarah, her own mother (played by Elle Joyce), too had a problem with Judith asserting some independence. Going as far as to smack her in the face for “sassin” her. Clearly, this Judith character was disenchanted from jump of this film (and for good reason, if you ask me) and she made several attempts to express as much to the people in her life. Yet they just kind of ignored her concerns or were blatantly dismissive of ways in which she sought to make herself happy. After a while, I kind of felt sad for Judith because it totally felt like she was in a no win situation here.

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