Courageous Or Creepy? Woman Rocks Full Goatee And Mustache And Feels Sexier Than Ever After Sudden Excessive Hair Growth

April 9, 2013  |  

Who knew that with childbirth could come not only a few stretch marks, but a mean Issac Hayes beard for some? Okay, so I’m over-exaggerating by using Hayes, but seriously, a woman who calls herself Miriam, from Germany, says after giving birth to her son 28 years ago, facial hair started growing on her at an extreme pace. However, after being bullied over it for years and even having her family say things to her about it, she says she feels more confident and sexier than she ever has before.

According to the Daily Mail, Miriam, 49, appeared on the UK’s ITV and said that she’s taken numerous tests to make sure she doesn’t have a serious health condition that’s causing the hair to grow. Why? Because she says she has done electrolysis three times and even plucked and shaved her face every day, only to find that the hair would grow back thicker. It was especially confusing for her since she says she had no facial hair before giving birth to her son. For 10 years, she would try and maintain it, including tweezing her face daily, but she couldn’t hold back five o’ clock shadows and fuzz. Plus, it only made things worse according to Miriam.

“My chin got really red and inflamed from all the plucking, and some of the hairs were ingrown, so it always looked like I’d fallen on my chin. But when people asked what had happened and I told them they couldn’t believe it.”

So by 2008, Miriam, was over it and decided she would just let the beard grow just to see how it looked and what would happen (if you were wondering, she had no job at this time), and she even wrote a blog about her journey. However, the reaction she got from people wasn’t the nicest on her blog, and even her mother was and still is appalled by her facial hair. “‘My mum said “do you have to shock people like this”. Then she got used to it and thought that one day I’d finish it, and was patient, but now she’s getting nervous and wants me to stop and become “normal.”‘

However, Miriam hasn’t let the negative reactions get her down. She says she has become more confident and after being single for a decade, she wants to get out there and start dating again. She’s not worried about how the beard will affect that now.

“I know myself more now,’ she said. ‘There are always people with a who might only be attracted by the beard, but that is the same with lots of things, even if I were a blonde woman…now I’m happy with it.”

Well…that’s good for her. I guess. But according to the Daily Mail, if you find yourself with an influx of facial hair that seems to come out of nowhere, it could have something to do with too many androgen hormones, possible hypertrichosis, tumors or it could come from the use of steroids. Yet and still, Miriam’s doctors didn’t find these things to be to be the reasoning behind her sudden furriness, so she’s been forced to either shave or deal with it, and she’s chosen the latter. And she’s happy! But I have to be honest and saying that if it were me, I might just have to put up with the excessive shaving and tweezing, because Lord knows that beard just wouldn’t look good on me…

What do you think?

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