Tiny Packages And Ratchet Tattoos: A Recap Of The Love & Hip Hop Reunion (Part I)

April 9, 2013  |  
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So who else partook in the foolery of last night’s Love and Hip Hop reunion (part I)? Don’t make us think we were the only ones! It was definitely the definition of messy. People’s incarcerated fiancés were having their private parts joked about, lie detector tests were administered, Olivia and Erica had a one-sided sing-off to determine who really needs to have the boring song “Where Do I Go From Here,” and Mona Scott-Young tried to prove she could be a good moderator by yelling at her employees like children. All in all, it was an entertaining hour to say the least. Here are a few things we took away from the 60 minutes of ratch — and if this isn’t enough, head here.

Tahiry Doesn’t Think She Played A Part In The Breakup of Joe And Kaylin

Now this created one of the more interesting conversations of the night, and said conversation took place more on Twitter than on the show. While discussing how Joe and Tahiry are soulmates and how Kaylin got hurt in the end by their very late journey to figure out their feelings for one another, Mona Scott-Young asked Tahiry if she felt that she played a role in breaking up Kaylin and Joe’s relationship. Her answer was no, because she wasn’t the one calling Joe’s phone and seeking him out–it was clearly the other way around. I don’t know though, folks, she did entertain him at every opportunity, and kept giving him an entry way back into her life after he proved over and over he didn’t have his stuff together. What do you guys think? Was she equally as wrong as Joe?

Best Tweets: @toshiba_n – “She was always making herself available for Joe.. *side eye*”

@FallforAudrey – “You can’t make a man leave. She didn’t help, but Joe did exactly what he wanted to do.”

Rashidah Ali Is About To Be Next Season’s Erica Mena In The Messy Department…

I can’t be the only one who was wondering why Mona kept asking Rashidah Ali so many damn questions like she was a main castmember. I think every VH1 show now has that random “friend” who does the absolute most at the end of the season so that they can get “chose” for a regular spot on the show. It was Bambi on Basketball Wives LA, Erica Mena on the last season of Love and Hip Hop, and now Rashidah. And clearly she will provide the messiness the show needs, seeing as how she tried to clown Mendeecees’ private parts in front of Yandy, and asked her to attest to the smedium-ness of it. There’s a new “clown” in town indeed.

Winter Ramos Didn’t Take Lore’l Out of Her “Dumb A** Book” After All

After all the drama that tell-all book was causing during the season, and Lore’l asking Ramos to take her name out said book, we just assumed she would know better and just do it. But no. Ramos (who got treated by multiple people on the show for yapping off at the mouth) kept Lore’l’s story and personal business in the book, and Mona read off an excerpt from homegirl’s chapter. Basically, she tried to clown Lore’l for sleeping with Cash Money rapper Jae Millz (who Lore’l says was her boyfriend at the time) and not getting paid for it. So in conclusion, in her mind, we should all be pimping ourselves…

Rich Dollaz Loved Erica…But Just Didn’t Tell Anybody (Including Erica)

So why did Rich put up with Erica’s two-timing behind when everyone in his camp was yelling at him to cut her off? She says it was because she has that “good good.” But last night Rich openly expressed the fact that he did love the girl. Awwwww…but when things got heated between the two of them on set, he instead claimed that he wasted so much time, energy and money on homegirl because, “I wanted to prove to everybody here in the audience that i could take the most non-talent mug in the whole wide world and put her on the charts and go to number 25.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. If that’s what you tell yourself to help you stop the tears at night, bruh.

Erica Doesn’t Do Singing Live…Even Though She Wants To Sing For A Living

Did I really think Erica was going to prove the world wrong and get up and kill “Where Do I Go From Here”? Of course not. But the mere fact that she wouldn’t belt out not one note with all of her naysayers around proved that she knows what the world already knew–she can’t sing! We only saw her sing one time on the show, and that was in the studio with the help of technology. During the reunion show, she said she wouldn’t sing the song since Rich gave it back to Olivia, yet she could find time to make a soft core p*rn video for that joint though…

Best Tweet about this came from Will-shi: “You know it wasn’t about it not being her song. She just didn’t want people to hear her sounding like Tarzan. #LHHREUNION”

Somehow, Joe Budden Doesn’t Love Tahiry And Doesn’t Think He Needs To Fill Her In On His Sexual Relationship With Kaylin

After all that time traveling to the Dominican with Tahiry and basically stalking her life while in a relationship, in a “Maury”-like turn of events, Joe Budden took a lie detector test and was asked if he loved her. Surprisingly enough, he said “no,” and that was the truth. To make matters more murky, he was asked if he was having sex with Kaylin even though they weren’t together anymore (though he was dating Tahiry again), he said yes, and that was truth. As a response to the trap he found himself in, he said that he didn’t know he had to inform Tahiry of when he was getting it in with Kaylin, and she told him in turn, to “Shut the f**k up and stop f**king knockin’ on my door.”

We’re sure they’ll be back together come next season.

Mama Dollaz Gets Crunk With The Best Of Them

We knew that the mother of Rich Dollaz wouldn’t take any mess from him (they talk exactly the same way by the way), but we didn’t know she was going to give Erica Mena a piece of her mind too! During the reunion show, the women were going back and forth, and when Erica tried to pop an attitude, Mama Dollaz shut her down really fast: “Let’s don’t even go there. I’m not the one…Somebody turn her mic off! Somebody turn her mic off ’cause she got nothing to say.”

Erica Has A Tattoo For Rich Dollaz…But She Cheated On Him Numerous Times

In another lie detector test reveal, we learned that Erica Mena has a tattoo on her hand with the letter ‘R’ that is for Rich Dollaz. And while we know it’s extremely foolish to get the name of the man you’re dating tattooed on your body, it’s even more foolish when you clearly have no intention of being faithful. This was clear for Erica since we already knew she messed around with Rich’s ex, but also because the lie detector test proved that she had cheated on him with more than one person during the length of their relationship. The struggle for this girl is so real…

On A Positive Note: Olivia Has A New Look And Raqi Cleans Up Nicely

While she is clearly not everybody’s favorite person, Raqi (with Tahiry in close second) looked the best on the stage. Her hair was on point, her makeup was on point, the Giuseppe’s were hot, but of course, the mouth was still running. As for Olivia, the jury is still out on this red hair (see below). Some thought it was hot, others…not so much. We’re just glad to see a change for the singer, this might get people more excited about her career…but we won’t make any promises…

Photos courtesy of VH1

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