Give That Man A Medal: Dad Arrests Man Trying To Have Sex With His Underaged Daughter

April 8, 2013  |  

Now this is how you use social media to protect your kids. According to Fox affiliate station, WJBK,  Antoine Martin, a Detroit father, was checking his 13 year old daughter’s Facebook page when he noticed inappropriate messages from an older man. The suspect, was a 22 year old man who worked at the Southeastern Michigan Boys and Girls Club. Martin’s daughter, Ariel, who frequented this Boys and Girls Club location, met the suspect there.

From there Martin took it upon himself to bring the man to justice. He started chatting with the suspect, pretending to be his daughter. The conversation quickly escalated from the suspect wanting to be a “big brother” figure to a “secret boyfriend” who wanted to have sex with Ariel.

Martin invited the suspect to his home. Once he arrived, he grabbed and handcuffed the suspect where he was able to collect his confession on tape.

MARTIN: “You know how old Ariel is?”

SUSPECT: Yes, I know how old Ariel is.

MARTIN: How old is Ariel?

SUSPECT: She’s 13.

MARTIN: And how old is you?

SUSPECT: I’m 22.

MARTIN: “Tell me why you came here today? Tell the truth.”

SUSPECT: I came here because I thought Ariel wanted to be my girlfriend. So I came here to spend time with her.

MARTIN: And do what?

SUSPECT: And to have sex with her.

SUSPECT: I do not want this to go onto the Boys and Girls Club.  I do not want this to go public, man.  I’m sorry.  I swear to God I’m sorry.”

Martin, who had studied the penal codes dealing with citizen’s arrest,  held the suspect in handcuffs until the police arrived.  This is what he had to say to WJBK when they interviewed him about his arrest. “He’s supposed to be there to help the kids. He said he has a problem.  He had a thirst is what he said, and that he wanted to try to get help and this would be the last time.”

You may be wondering if the father was within his legal rights to pull a Chris Hansen to collect this confession. Legally yes, though there is the issue of entrapment. When his case goes to court, his confession will most likely be challenged. As of now, the suspect is still in police custody. But if Martin can access the correspondence between he and the suspect, that will certainly work in his favor. However this story plays out we have to commend Martin in going 15 extra miles to protect his daughter. We’re all for it.

You can watch the suspect’s confession and Martin relaying the story, with pride, on the next page.

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