Did Meagan Good And Laz Alonso Have A ‘Thing’ For Each Other?

April 3, 2013  |  

Deception co-stars Meagan Good and Laz Alonso have amazing on-screen chemistry. From their steamy love scenes to their throwback friendship, it’s only natural for people to wonder if there has ever been something more than friendship between the two young and attractive Hollywood stars. During a recent interview with Black Enterprise, Laz discussed the nature of his relationship with Meagan and if the two have ever viewed one another in a more romantic light. Check out a portion of his interview below.

On his busy schedule sometimes prohibiting him from having a social life: 

 “It depends. I would say I have more of a social life when I’m filming just because you need that time to unwind more than when [you’re] not working. I’m more focused on working out, being healthy and cooking my own meals. When I’m working, I just don’t have time to do all that so [I] do tend to go out more for dinner and drinks, and really want to engage in social activity. But being an actor is very similar to being back in school again. You have a full day of things you have to memorize.”

“When you have 120 people that are relying on you to know your lines and deliver them with emotion and make it something believable, you can’t show up on set and not be prepared. This is NBC; this is the big leagues. Every minute that they go over because you weren’t prepared, it costs money. If it’s your fault why they’re going overtime, then you better believe you ain’t gon’ be working for too long in this business. You have to come prepared and play the role.”

On the type of love he has for Meagan:

“You always look out for the best interest of your co-stars, so it’s just being a friend and being protective. Sometimes [fans] start getting a little physical, and you got to let ’em know, like, Whoa! Slow it down; she ain’t going nowhere, but you got to stop trying to pull on her. Different fans show [a] different type of love, and Meagan’s fan base shows a very, very aggressive, strong love.”

On if he and Meagan ever had a “thing:”

“You know what, Meagan and I always had kind of like a younger sister-older brother kind of thing. When we did Stomp the Yard, this was back in ’06, she was a lot younger and I was just always really impressed with the stuff that she had done: her career path and what she had worked on before then. And then, I didn’t see Meagan again until Jumping the Broom [in 2011]. So four years had passed when I saw her again, and…she was an adult. It was like wow, you’ve done a lot in these four years. It was just good to see her playing an adult…playing Paula Patton’s maid of honor. It was just a different dynamic seeing her playing more mature roles.”


And there you have it.

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