You Won’t Have Sex With A Snake?! Yeah, That’s Definitely Grounds For Divorce

April 2, 2013  |  



If you thought your man was asking you to do some kinky stuff in the bedroom, think again. According to the African Seer Zimbabwean couple are getting a divorce because, according to the wife, her husband insisted and possibly even forced her to have sex with a snake. And when I say snake I’m not referring to her husband. I mean snake as in the reptile.

The wife, Venenciah Chatima, brought up the snake sex in court after her husband, Mutsvodi Makwini, sought a protection order against her. She had this to say:

“The reason why he is divorcing me is not that I am abusing him as he claims in this court. The real issue here is that I refused to sleep with a snake. What happened was that he came home with a brand new television set and he told me that if I wanted him to bring more things at home I was supposed to have sex with a snake.

“Even though I refused to sleep with the snake, I have noticed that every morning I will be feeling as if I had slept with someone. As you can see I no longer have my front teeth. I lost them the day he assaulted me because I had entered our bedroom and caught my husband sleeping with his 25-year-old girlfriend on our matrimonial bed,” she narrated.

Mutsvodi says that he needs a protection order against his wife because she has been assaulting him and his property.

“I want the court to separate me from this woman because we have failed to live as husband and wife. One of the main reasons why I want her out of my house is because she is in the habit of deliberately urinating on my church uniform and I no longer have a uniform to wear when going to church. She is also a violent person and I also want her to be stopped from pulling my private parts,” he claimed.

The story just gets better and better doesn’t it?! Peeing on his church uniform? That’s pretty low down.

So, by now you’re probably wondering whether or not Mutsvodi had anything to say about the snake sex. He did and his answer is to die for:

“I have never forced her to sleep with a snake. I only talked about it to her in passing and not that I was forcing her,” he said.

I don’t know about you but when I read that line I fell on the floor–howling. Asking your wife to have sex with a snake is not something you just mention in passing my friend. That is a serious, perhaps hours long, conversation.

Anyway the magistrate presiding over the case granted the order of protection Mutsvodi requested though his wife won’t be evicted from his house as he would have liked. Don’t know if her living in the same house will stop the urination or the pulling of the private parts he complained about. We’re just hoping these two don’t end up seriously hurting one another.

What do you make of this outrageous story? What’s the weirdest thing someone ever asked you to do in bed?


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