Are You Your Best Cheerleader? Embracing Your Own Greatness

April 3, 2013  |  


I’ll be upfront with you.  There’s going to be mention of “Bow Down,” and Beyonce.

Okay, now that the people who are tired of discussing it is gone, let’s get down to business.

You, dear reader, are an amazing person.  You are fabulous!  You are worth every thing that you hope to achieve in life.  Yes, you might have a few rough edges to smooth out, and with improving yourself you can have your heart’s desires; but let’s be honest here, your heart’s desires come with some work.  You have to actively work to achieve your goals, hopes and dreams.  While doing that, it can be so disheartening to continue, or to go to something else easier, because “I might not be worth it/it might not be worth it.”

Recently I wrote about the importance of persevering while pursuing your dreams and there’s an important element that goes along with it.  You have to not only be confident, but you have embrace your greatness.  You need to live everyday as if you are the best in your field.

One of my favorite celebrity encounters caught on a camera and put online was of the lady who heckled Kanye West telling him how horrible his music was, and his retort was:  “I’m Kanye West, that doesn’t make sense.”   Kanye and recently Beyonce with her new “Bow Down” segment that was released are being held as extremely cocky and arrogant.  “How dare she say that people?”  In all honesty, if you erase the crude words, I believe that it’s a sentiment that people should embrace about themselves.  You don’t have to exalt yourself over people, but I think it’s okay to feel like you’re the best out there sometimes.

The reason why is because when you doubt yourself, you’re putting limitations on yourself.  People settle for certain jobs because they feel like they are not good enough for something better.  They get rid of a dream because they might feel like there’s only room for one person at the top, and it will never be me.  Why can’t it be you?  Why can’t you be that one in a million person?

There are a few things that I regret in my life, and many of them are because, in my own mind, I downplayed my ability in something.  I had the possibility of applying for amazing jobs in the past but I turned them down because “I’m not going to be good enough.”  I would look at the credentials of the other people in my field who had Ivy League degrees, and my state school degree didn’t seem to measure up.  I would jokingly mention to someone about how “ridiculously grandiose” the position was, hoping that they would say:  “No!  You’re great! You can definitely get that job.”  But those words wouldn’t come as often as I hoped, and when they laughed right along with me, it would cement in my mind that “yeah, I’m not as great as I thought I was.”

However, sometimes you have to blow your own horn.  You have to walk into every situation as:  “I’m the best!  You might as well call me Eliot Ness, because I’m UNTOUCHABLE, baby!”  Even if you don’t actually feel it, fake it ’til you freaking make it.  Talent will only get you so far, but if you don’t believe in yourself, why is anyone else going to?  You cannot rely on a team of cheerleaders to remind you of your greatness, you have to not only know it, but embrace it.

One of life’s greatest tragedies is for someone to see our greatness better than we can.  The other one is not going to Kendra Koger’s twitter @kkoger

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