‘Perhaps My Vision Was Too Complex For A Self-Centered Little Girl To Understand:’ Kenya’s Not Sorry She Kicked Porsha Out Her Party

April 2, 2013  |  

Sunday night’s episode of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” was a mess of a season finale, and right in the center of the drama were Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart. The background is Kenya was having a party to celebrate her “arrival” and asked the ladies of the RHOA crew to dress as different iconic African American women. Porsha was told to come as Halle Berry a la Baps and in the midst of getting into character, some people got in Porsha’s ear, telling her the costume was likely a set-up, convincing her to come as Dorothy Dandridge Halle Berry instead.

Kenya, of course, went ballistic upon Porsha’s arrival and not-so-politely asked her to leave —  and then everyone went off. And now in an effort to explain herself to the masses, she’s written this ridiculous response on her blog, which starts like this:

From Halle Berry to Hattie McDaniel, who was the first Black women to ever win an Academy Award in 1939 74 years ago, the cause célèbre for my desire to honor these iconic women was the shocking and ignorant insults and remarks heralded toward me in Anguilla by a 31-year-old girl. I was told I was irrelevant, old, and a nonfactor at 41 being a part of history by becoming the 2nd black woman to be crowned Miss USA.

After I overcame my sadness and disdain at the ignorance and lack of respect that exists in America from some slightly younger, historically-challenged individuals, I felt it my responsibility to honor the women who have undoubtedly paved the way, opened doors, and broken racial barriers and stereotypes amidst hatred for women, which has allowed people like me to proudly walk through. I put a lot of time and effort into the party. I thought of each woman individually and assigned them costumes based on who their dynamic personalities. It was easy…

After that over dramatized explanation, which essentially says someone called me old, my feelings got hurt, I threw a party to prove I’m fabulous, Kenya went on to defend her choice of Porsha as B.A.Ps Halle Berry, and then threw massive shade:

“In B.A.P.S., [Halle Berry] was a young, pretty, unpolished, fun, and likable diamond in the rough. Her character arc showed her grow, mature, and become a beautiful polished Black American Princess who was willing to accept change. Perhaps, my vision was too complex for a self-centered little girl to understand.

“I’ve heard the comments that it was a “set-up,” or “non-glamorous,” “malice content” (malcontent is the correct word), which is utterly absurd. NO ONE takes that kind of energy from me.  This is just as ignorant as the first comments that were the catalyst for the event. Tina Turner was not “glamorous,” Grace Jones was not glamorous, nor any of the other characters aside from Cynthia as Diana Ross. I should not be surprised by the pervasive idiocy that exists in one’s own head…

“All the girls came to the party and never once complained about their assigned costumes. My amazing team created live reenactments from the movies of each character the girls were appearing, so it was imperative that they came as their assigned ICONS. If they didn’t want to comply with the hostess’ requests, they should have simply declined the invitation and stayed home. What clearly was premeditated is someone making their own rules to upset me at my own event, which I meticulously planned and paid for. Most importantly, I extended an olive branch toward forgiveness. When you have a history with me of being disrespectful, spiteful, and unapologetic, then you will be shown the nearest exit to the left.”

While Kenya may have gotten the last word with that remark, what she failed to think about before writing this rant was Porsha has bigger things to deal with — like a failing marriage — than her over-the-top “coming out” party. Therefore, this drawn out response just makes her look a little more crazy than we already think she is.

If you missed Sunday’s episode, check out a clip of the altercation below. Who’s side are you on?

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