The Odds Can’t Be In Everyone’s Favor: Celebrities Who Are Just Plain Unlucky In Love

April 4, 2013  |  
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Unlike those celebrities who are allergic to being single and boo up with the first man they can find, these women seem to genuinely just want love with their true soul mates. They want the prince charming. The fairy tale. The happy ending. But sadly, they just haven’t gotten it. These are the women whose relationship success we’re rooting for, because God knows they’re trying hard enough for it.


Garcelle Beauvais

There’s no worse feeling than betrayal, and after discovering that her husband of nine years had been having an affair with “some sl*t in Chicago,” as she called her, for five of those said years, Garcelle had to be feeling pretty crappy. And considering that this was her second marriage (her first ended no better), I’m sure that didn’t make things any easier either.

Jennifer Aniston

Pre-2011 Jennifer Aniston could’ve been the poster child for “unlucky in love.” The poor thing lost her husband to the arguably more beautiful (and seemingly more interesting) Angelina Jolie, and then embarked on a series of failed relationships – at least four come to mind – that would make anyone’s heart break. But now that Jen appears to have found love with a good man, let’s hope that she won’t be unlucky in love anymore. We’re rooting for you Jen.

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams was probably the only woman on BBW Miami or LA with any class whatsoever and she was STILL married to a complete douche. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ll ever get the image of a grown a** man throwing a drink in a woman’s face out of my head, but I digress. Jen’s dated unsuccessfully since moving on from Eric, so here’s hoping her relationship with Cisco Rosado will work out.

Melissa Rivers

If dating an abuser, then marrying and divorcing a husband, then shacking up with a Craiglist-trolling sex freak, and finally settling for a pornographer (only to eventually break up with him) aren’t being unlucky in love, I don’t know what is.

All of the Braxtons except Tamar

Between Toni’s many failed relationships, Towanda’s lazy a** of a husband, Trina’s triflin’ Geeeaabe, Tracy’s controlling man, and Mommy’s ex layin’ it low and spreadin’ it wide husband, I’d say the Braxton women as a whole – except for Tamar I suppose – are pretty unlucky in love.


I really hope I’m not the only one who feels bad for Fanny and her relationship mess. Yes, she shacked up and then got knocked up by a married man, but I believe she did it out of what she thought was love, and how many of us haven’t done stupid things for love? All that matters now is that Fantasia is able to heal, and based on a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister, it seems she’s on the right track.

Maria Shriver

All I can say about this mess is poor Maria. I’m not even involved and this cheating/ illegitimate child scandal completely threw me for a loop. Really Ahhnold?!? The nanny? FOURTEEN YEARS of lies? I know Maria must still be sick about this.

Eva Longoria

Three years into her marriage with Tony Parker, Eva Longoria discovered hundreds of text messages from another woman on his phone and thank goodness had enough sense to seek divorce. But since becoming single, poor Eva’s still not had much success in the love department, despite her best efforts. Let’s hope it works out for her eventually.

Porsha Stewart

OK so I don’t know much about Porsha’s relationship history pre-Kordell, but I do know that the way he’s dogging her out with this divorce mess is downright shameful. Porsha had been singing his praises right up until he blindsided her – and us! – with divorce papers. That right there is some unlucky in love ish.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock’s dating history includes failed relationships with Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds; an engagement to Tate Donovan; and of course a marriage to cheating, lying, philandering ol’ Jesse James. You almost can’t help but feel bad for Sandra, though we are happy to report that the only man in Sandra’s life now is her 3-year old son Louis. Maybe that’s for the best.

Karrueche Tran

Poor Karrueche. It can’t be easy getting caught up in a love triangle with the biggest pop star in the universe and Hollywood’s leading loose cannon. There’s been a lot of hate and criticism thrown her way, and as deep as Rihanna’s claws are dug into Chris, Karrueche probably never stood much of a chance anyway. At this point I just hope this girl finds her way in love and life – and benefits from her experiences, if nothing else.


I don’t know why Ciara’s had such poor luck with love – her very public relationships with 50 Cent and Amar’e Stoudemire ended in serious heartbreak – but I truly hope it works out this time with her and Future.


Forreal Nelly? Nine years and you still failed to put a ring on it? All I can say about this is that Nelly and Ashanti were one pair that I’d been rooting for from day one. But after all those years of commitment and still no band to show for it, I guess it was high time Ashanti moved on anyway. Good luck with (what looks like) your new guy, girl.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore’s troubled upbringing has no doubt played a large role in her tumultuous romantic life. She’s been married three times, engaged two, and dated many people in between. Now Drew seems happy with her husband and baby daddy Will Kopelman, so hopefully her third marriage will be a charm.

Brandi Glanville

I don’t usually watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because I think it’s a snorefest, but I have tuned in to watch the drama surrounding Brandi Glanville, the woman whose husband abandoned her and her two sons for country singer LeAnn Rimes. Now, don’t get me wrong. Brandi is definitely no angel – a fact she makes VERY clear in her memoir Drinking & Tweeting and other Brandi Blunders – but that doesn’t take away how much it must suck to watch your man publicly fall into the arms of another woman. Ugh, how unlucky.

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