Lance Gross Talks “Temptation,” Tyler Perry And Why We Should Give Kim Kardashian’s Performance A Chance

March 30, 2013  |  

After some pretty good promotion and some very captivating trailers (“He’s going to take you straight to hell…”), I’m sure you know that Temptation was released yesterday, and everybody and their mothers will be in the movie theater watching it. While promoting the film, one of the film’s very fine stars, Lance Gross, opened up to the Huffington Post about all the early backlash the movie received (back when it was still called The Marriage Counselor) because of Perry’s choice to allow Kim Kardashian to be in it. But Gross says that while he can understand why people might be upset about her being in the movie, she actually did a great job so people should give her and her performance a chance before they talk crazy.

So what is the movie about? Clearly its center is the fight to resist the temptation to cheat. While no one would dare cheat on Gross in real life, his character of Brice doesn’t have the same luck:

“He’s a small town guy, very passionate about his career, on his way to becoming a pharmacist. And he’s just a very regular guy. He married his childhood sweetheart, “Judith,” played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell. Along the way, as far as his relationship, he becomes comfortable and stops doing the things that he used to do to make her feel special. And then she meets this guy and the temptation comes in. He shows her a whole new world that she’s just not used to. So I spend most of my time in the movie fighting for my marriage.”

He also discussed how Perry is also starting to target a wider audience with his films and what kind of director Perry is:

“It’s definitely different. Tyler has his thing. He appeals to a certain type of audience, but Tyler really targets the African-American, church going community. And actually, it’s really growing now. Tyler works very quickly, he knows what he wants and he executes. It’s like a good boot camp for an actor, because it’s just puts you on your “A-game.” It prepares you for other directors who tend to take their time. But it’s depends on who it is, because some directors work fast like Tyler Perry and some like to take their time and do 17 takes.”

As for Kim K…

“I’ve been working with Tyler since 2007 and he has a great business mind. He knows what he’s doing and he knows what he wants for his films. So I don’t really question his decisions in casting people. To Kim’s defense, she did a great job. The role that he gave her was well thought out. It was something that he believed she could execute. And I think she brought her “A-game.” I get what all the fuss was about, but at the end of the day you got to give people a chance. And I feel like she really proved herself.”

I guess we’ll see now won’t we?

Are you catching Temptation this weekend? 


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