Did You EAR?! Salacious Moments From Scandal’s “Snake In The Garden” Episode

March 29, 2013  |  
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If you asked me last week, I would have sworn that Quinn was in some real trouble with Osborne, the director of the CIA,  having discovered that she and Huck were spying on him. But if it’s one thing we’ve learned after nearly two completed seasons of “Scandal,” it’s that things rarely play out as we think they will. And last night was no different. Let’s jump in with our favorite or most memorable moments from last night’s episode.

Osborne Threatens Olivia

From the top of the episode we see that instead of going after Quinn, Osborne skips the middle man and goes to her boss. But instead of showing up at her place of business, Osborne wanted to make the threat real and shows up at Olivia’s apartment to intimidate her. But even when she’s in her silk pajamas, you’re not going to catch Olivia slipping…when it comes to her job anyway. She reminds Osborne that she has clients with higher pay grades and security clearances than his. In other words, come harder or get the fawk up out my house.

Hollis’ Daughter

When we learn that Hollis’ daughter has been kidnapped and he doesn’t believe it’s real, we immediately assume that he’s being cold.  But the more we learn of her past with addiction and acting, it starts to seem that home girl just might be lying. We’d spend the whole episode trying to figure out what her deal is and whether or not Hollis is really as evil as he seems. So evil in fact, that at one point Harrison asks Olivia why “the devil” is their client. She appropriately responds, saying “Even the devil loves his children.”


The music

Now we know this has very little to do with the plot; but I must take a moment to note that the “Scandal” soundtrack is that deal. I appreciate that whenever the Gladiators are about to do their good work, Shonda ‘n nem break us off with a little something to lighten the mood. Last night, they decided to shine the light on some shenanigans and busted out Parliament’s “Flash Light.”

That Ear?!

In a nod to Van Gogh, we learn that Hollis’ daughter has a lost an ear in the fight with her captors. Hollis, who doubted the circumstances behind his daughter’s disappearance, has softened up and is trying to get his baby girl back. But eventually, Huck, the twisted mastermind that he is, looks at the ear and notices it hasn’t been severed at an awkward angle. She cut off her own ear. I repeat, cut off her own ear. Talk about crazy.

$20 million or your family?

Once Hollis and his ex wife learn of their daughter’s deception they want to be done with her. Instead of asking for the $20 million back, Hollis and his ex give their daughter an ultimatum. She can keep the $20 million and never be a part of their lives again or she can refund it and they can work on their relationship. She chooses the money. As she’s leaving the room, she hesitates for a half a second and Hollis in a voice reserved for livestock, tells her to “git.” And that was the end of that.

The proposition had people on Twitter wondering what they would do in that situation or how much money it would take to make them abandon their family. There were some who claimed they would never, but one person on Twitter had some advice: “F**k them ni**as from the bottom, aka your family, and get.to.the.money.” He ain’t right…but…well, yeah it’s not right.

That kiss

I’m tired of Fitz and Olivia, so, I’m really–or I was really– rooting for Jake and Olivia to make something work. I was tickled pink when he told her to close her eyes and kissed her before leaving her standing in the room, wanting more.

Huck gives Quinn a family

Sure it’s a little creepy that Huck spends so much time spying on other people, wishing he had their lives. But it’s also very sweet. Huck has been through enough stress and trauma for us to excuse his weirdness. When he saw that Quinn was attempting to reach out to her estranged father, he decided to give her a family of her own. It’s strange but it’s sweet.

Mellie confronts Fitz

Now I am not a fan of Mellie… at all. She’s the messiest broad ever. But all of that being said, I appreciated the way she gave Fitz the real. My co-workers swear she was lying. That she only told him his kids didn’t want to hang with him as a way to hurt him. I don’t think that was her intention. I think the kids really don’t want to be around their alcoholic father. And while it sucks that manipulative Mellie had to be the one to tell him, I was glad someone finally said it. She broke it down in a way she obviously understood.“You stink like scotch. You are lubricated all of the time.” And she let him know that he was damaging the relationship he shared with his children over a woman. “It’s because you found out your precious Olivia doesn’t have the secrets of the universe tucked between her magical thighs.”


After that zinger, Mellie drove the nail in the coffin by telling him that he was becoming just like his father. After all of that, Fitz took his hand away from the drink…hopefully he’ll leave it alone for good. Alcoholic Fitz is played out.

Who is Jake?

Just when we think Olivia can move on and finally be in a healthy relationship, we learn that once again, Jake is not who we originally thought he was. Not only is he spying on Olivia for the president, he also knows who the mole is. And not only does he really know who the mole is, he wants to keep everyone else in the dark. So much so that he killed, or arranged to have someone kill Osborne. Does this mean that he’s just using Olivia or is he genuinely interested and just has a shady job? We’ll see.

What were your favorite or most shocking moments from last night’s “Scandal”?

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