Celebrity BANGers: Do These Stars Look Better With Or Without The Fringe?

March 29, 2013  |  
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Ever since Michelle Obama unveiled her bangs earlier this year they’ve become the simple yet underrated hairstyle to have. So to keep the conversation going, we thought we’d examine some of our favorite celebrities with bangs and without to see which looks we prefer best. Click through and let us know your opinions below!


Michelle Obama

So how do we feel about Mrs. O’s bangs? Well… they’re cute. That’s right, cute. They’re not remarkably fab or over-the-top gorg. They’re just a small, simple, somewhat chic change to the appearance of one of the most widely recognized women of today. But despite their relative insignificance, they’ve made headlines, sparked national and international debate (Karl Lagerfeld reportedly hates them), gotten their own twitter page, and inspired a Madame Noire slideshow…

Kerry Washington

Here’s the thing about Kerry Washington and bangs. Sometimes they look great and other times they seem too “heavy” for her look. A better option for her is side-swept bangs. They lighten up her styling and show off more of her face.

Jennifer Hudson

We’re not loving J.Hud’s wispy brow skimmers here. Regular bangs have worked so much better for the star, and sleek center or side-parted styles are cute too.

Kelly Rowland

Oh boy, the jury’s out on this one! Kelly Rowland may be equally as beautiful with bangs as she is without them!

Christina Aguilera

We get where Christina Aguilera was going with these super short asymmetrical pixie cut bangs, but we just can’t follow her there. A hairstyle without bangs, or at least with a more traditional bang cut, looks much better on her. Plus, don’t these chopped bangs look like they’d take forever to grow out?


Rihanna loves bangs, and we can understand why. Not only are they the perfect style option for a bigger forehead, they also just look really good on her!

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada’s “bowl” bangs are much too severe for her face. She looks so much more beautiful when her hair either frames her features or is pulled away from them.

Kim Kardashian

As sick as we are of Kim K. and her attention-sloring, we had to add her to the list. She’s the newest star to adopt bangs and she looks pretty great in them.

J. Alexander

Miss J. knew this look was a sin when he put it together. A banged-wig with a headband on top? No, no, no. We must call you out on this mess, J.

Sandra Bullock

When Sandra Bullock arrived at the 2011 Golden Globes, she revealed a sleek style with blunt bangs. The look worked for the occasion, but we much prefer her with her signature center-parted coif.


It’s not that Ciara looks bad with bangs; it’s just that she looks better without them. Her strong facial features are more beautifully accentuated when her hair is pulled away from her face. The bangs do little for her.

Tyra Banks

Even with her famous five-head, Tyra Banks looks equally as good without the bangs as she does with them.

Justin Bieber

Justin’s signature “Bieber bangs” were little boy cute, but now that he’s passed 18-years old he made the right decision in giving them up.

Lil’ Kim

OK fine. These hot mess roller set bangs probably wouldn’t look good on anybody. So yes of course we like the bangs-less look better.

Nicki Minaj

Although we’re not crazy about the bangs on the left, Nicki Minaj’s distinct facial features are able to carry a variety of hairstyles – those with bangs and without.

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