Cynthia Bailey Serves The Real On One-Sided Relationships And Being In Love Alone

March 27, 2013  |  

If you checked out this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, you saw that Cynthia Bailey was too through with Kenya’s over the top reactions to her ex-boyfriend, Walter Jackson’s presence. In her most recent Bravo TV blog, the supermodel turned reality star explained why she felt it necessary to serve Kenya with some “tough love” and opened up about a time when she found herself in a one-sided relationship.

“I felt that Kenya really needed someone to help her see that she was so much bigger than the way she was dealing with Walter. I wanted to give her some tough girl power love, because it was really becoming painful to see her continuously become so undone over this man. I did not agree with how she was handling the issue, but I could relate to the situation and her pain,” expressed Cynthia.

She went on to reveal that when approaching Kenya, she was not coming from a malicious place, but from the place of a person who was once in a similar predicament.

“I have been a relationship where I was way more into a so called boyfriend than he was into me. I hung on his every word and convinced myself that I was in love. I called him three times a day and he called me three times a week! I convinced myself that he was the man of my dreams, and I only had eyes for him. He was handsome, fine, funny, rich, spiritual, and smart. We were even the same zodiac sign. Yes, he had me at hello! But guess what? He just wasn’t that into me! Don’t get me wrong, he was attracted to me, and when I did see him, we always had a great time together. However, it was not a mutual love connection. I connected, and he didn’t! I was in love with him, and he loved me. Not the same thing!

Of course I was in denial, because I was so in love, until my girlfriend sat me down one day. Ladies, you know when you are really into a man, it is hard to see any red flags because you choose to ignore them. Yes, love is truly blind. Sometimes it takes an outside person to observe the situation. My friend gave me the tough love talk that I wasn’t trying to hear, but I listened anyway. She told me that I deserved more than what this man was giving me and to never lower my standards to accommodate any man. I felt embarrassed and foolish, because I knew that I was better than that. I just lost myself, and that is a dangerous thing. I knew in my heart that my friend saw that this man did not want me the way that I wanted him. I’m not going to lie, it took a minute, but I did move on. It is important to know your worth and settle for nothing less. I have much to offer.”


What do you think of Cynthia’s advice?


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