Your Sister’s Keeper: 9 Ways to Empower Other Women

March 27, 2013  |  
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Hey Darlings,

Being a woman can be hard.  There are a lot of societal and personal pressures that come along with these XX Chromosomes, but just because things are hard doesn’t mean that we need to actively make them harder for ourselves and others.  Women being catty to other women isn’t something that is relegated to the Black community (as my recent marathon of Laguna Beach proved.  Don’t judge me.), but I personally believe that we should all be more encouraging to each other.  Here are a few ways that are very easy, very free, and very nice that you could do on a daily basis to empower other women, and hopefully that person will pay it forward to continue the trend of empowerment.


Sometimes people underestimate the amazing affect that a compliment has on a person.  If you’re walking past a woman who is wearing a cute outfit, has a nice smile, or hair is “layed” like Funky Dineva’s, don’t be mute about it.  Let her know.

Use Common Courtesy

This should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway.  When you don’t use common courtesy it’s as if you’re letting people know that you don’t value them as a person.  Just like the list we recently published of things that people don’t realize are rude, exercising just a little courtesy means more to people than you might realize.  So go ahead, hold that door open, cover your mouth when you sneeze, or hand a person their change instead of just placing it on the counter top, completely ignoring their outstretched hand.

Support Her Efforts

When you’re trying something new, it can be extremely overwhelming, scary and you can make you want to talk yourself out of improving yourself.  But having someone support a positive effort that you’re trying to make can not only help her, but also be remarkably inspiring as well.

Stick Up For Her

Empowering someone doesn’t have to always happen in their presence.  If your friend is not around and someone is downing them, speaking up for them is a great way to empower them and their reputation.  Now, before you say:  “I just like staying out of drama,” just think about how you might defend your favorite celebrity if someone is saying something bad about them (and it’s not just Stans who will defend a celebrity).  The same way how you might go hard for a person who doesn’t even know that you’re alive, do it for the woman who you might work with, or have known for years.

Put Yourself in Her Shoes

A lot of misunderstandings are caused because people are too stubborn to see a situation from an opposing view.  So, let’s say you’re in the check out lane of your grocery store, you have been waiting in line for what seems like a good minute.  Your feet hurt, you want to go home and you have a basket full of things.  You turn around and see a woman standing behind you with a pack of diapers, formula and a stressed look on your face.  Yes, you might be frustrated, but you see this woman only has a small amount of items and she clearly has a child to go home to.  Consider letting her infront of you, that could be the small break that she needed in a crazy day.

Support a Cause that Helps Women

There are a number of causes that are created to help and empower women.  Some of them don’t even require money, just a show of support.


So many times people have those perma-frowns on their face, and I’m not trying to say that line that men tend to do:  “Why don’t you smile?”  But if you see a woman who seems a little stressed out and looks like she might need an encouraging word and you don’t know what to say, a smile could encourage her.

Be Honest

A lot of times people might get in their own way, and make decisions based off of desire/emotions instead of logic.  When you’re outside of a situation you can see the problems that they might be blind to.  Therefore, if you see a person struggling in a situation, be honest with them.  Many people are ignorant to their own struggles until things come to a head, and change can only happen if you know what to change, so if given the opportunity, offer a honest view to help your friend (but don’t belittle them while you do it).

Avoid tit for tat

Now readers, I know it’s hard that when someone says a small irritating thing to you to not go back at them, however, what is it benefiting you if you do?  Now, for the women who are reading this, you need to empower yourself, and just walking away from a petty argument is a good way to empower yourself.


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