No Judgment, But I’ll [Probably] Never Tattoo a Man’s Name On My Body

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For the longest time, I was sure that I would be one of the few people of my generation to die without a tattoo. Nothing really seemed important enough to put on my body until death. Well eventually I, with a lot of help and convincing from my younger sister, who was working on her third tattoo, came up with a design that I could live with. Now, almost a year since I’ve had it, I understand why people can’t stop getting tatted up. It is something like an addiction. I know I’m trying to get another one. Whatever I get though, I can say with almost 98 percent certainty that I won’t be tattooing a man’s name, initials or likeness on my body.

I was having this discussion with a male friend one evening and he was like I’m sure you would if that man were your husband. Umm…first, I would never even consider doing that for a man who wasn’t my husband. But still my answer is no. Though I’m not anywhere near being married right now, I still can’t see it going down like that, for several reasons. Though I believe that my first marriage will be my last, you never know what could happen. I knew a woman who got her husband’s face tattooed somewhere on her side buttocks area, sure that their marriage would be one that lasted forever. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. And now I wonder what she’s going to do with that monstrosity of a tattoo she was so ready and willing to show everybody. Perhaps she can get somebody to turn it into an angry lion or something else that holds significance to her.

Even if my husband and I stay together, who’s to say, God forbid, that he won’t be in some type of fatal accident and then my next husband is going to be subjected to staring at my former’s initials, or even worse, face. It’s one thing to bring baggage into a relationship, it’s another to bring homeboy’s face into the bedroom. Unless your new man is trying to ménage with your old one, then it’s probably not a good look.

Still, all of that being considered, I say I wouldn’t tattoo a man’s face or initials on my body now; but love will have people doing some crazy things. There have been too many times when I’ve watched my girls or my family members do or say things for the sake of a relationship that I thought were outlandish. I would vow, sometimes silently and sometimes, rudely, out loud that I would never do or say such things. And then, I’d find myself in just the right situation and I’d become a hypocrite, doing exactly what I said I wouldn’t.

So who knows there might be some man’s initials in my future but I sincerely hope I don’t become this woman.

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