Things That Must End: The Thirst Of Some Men Who Want To Be Social Media Macks But Act A Fool When You’re Not Interested

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Virtually raise your hand if you’ve ever received an advance from a man you didn’t know or had never met in your Facebook message inbox or on any form of social media.

I can’t see how many hands were raised of course, but I’d assume every woman woman who came across this post has dealt with this.

Just today I read a story about young Chicago rapper Chief Keef trying to come on to Nicki Minaj through Twitter. He’s 17, and she is 30. Aaliyah once said that “Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number,” but when you act your age or less than, as in the case of the young man, it’s definitely more than a number. He started off by randomly telling her to “Drop Da Dead Dinner.” Probably not expecting a real response, she took the time out of her day to ask him to clarify his statements (“Come Again?”), and he did, in a very direct way: “Meanin F**k Yo Man He Aint S**t.”

As the interaction continues, things go downhill and become awkward very fast. Minaj keeps her words very short (or nonexistent) while he continues to try and get her to be less horrified and more flattered (he claims he’s in love with the Barbie). When he doesn’t get the reaction he’s looking for he tells her to “StopPlayin.” And eventually she randomly says “TAP OUT” and in response, he gets crude: “TAP OUT Million Dollar Pu**y?”

And cut. This very uncomfortable-to-watch interaction is one I’ve seen and heard about. During my college years I would watch as my notification box would turn red to let me know a complete stranger had something to say to me after seeing a photo of me and my friends at the beach. “Wat up.”

I had heard similar stories from friends, but I had the luck of not having to get cursed out or made to feel absolutely uncomfortable by a man who really thought we were going to make a love (or better yet, booty) connection over the Internet. Unfortunately,  my niece didn’t have such luck, as I watched a man who decided to follow her on Instagram act in a manner that would make someone like Chief Keef proud.

While getting ready for bed, I took a quick glance to be nosy at what folks were doing on Instagram last night. Out of all the people I saw, my niece had posted of a picture of herself in her #OTD (aka, outfit of the day), which was a cropped shirt she cut, blue jeans, Jordans and a beanie, trying to toot her butt out a little bit. I did a post not too long ago about my niece and her Instagram habits damn near giving me a heart attack on a daily basis, but this one wasn’t so bad. As for the comments, I noticed a friend or two saying she looked cute, and then I noticed a guy who said the following: “Little booty but cute.”

Thinking nothing of it (and probably realizing that yes, she does have a little booty despite her best efforts), my niece responded with no shade, saying “lol thanks,” and tagging his Instagram account. Unfortunately for her, responding at all was taken as my niece saying she was interested in him. She wasn’t.

He proceeded to publicly post his phone number with the acronym FWM (aka, “f**k with me”), and when she didn’t respond to him, he started to spazz out in a series of posts that can only be described as a hot a** mess:

“…So you don’t want to FWM?”

“HELLO? You not gonna FWM?”

“Well F**K You Too Wit Yo LIL Booty A**”

Clearly this man had no kind of sense, and I realized that later when I clicked on his Instagram name and saw that a majority of his photos were selfies that included him smoking weed, him showing off new shoes, with money spread on a bed (approximately $39 dollars–$19 of them in single one dollar bills) next to Swisher Sweets and a whole lot of captions for pics that weren’t spelled in English: “On my real ni**a shyt.”As I refreshed the page and got ready to say something crazy that I can’t repeat on here (don’t mess with my family now…), I saw that my niece handled it well. She didn’t respond, but just deleted his comments and removed him from her list of followers. Luckily she had more sense than me at that moment.

When I think of pictures of Nicki Minaj squatting near a pool with a thong on, or my niece trying to attract attention sticking her butt out in a photo (or most of her photos that is), one might say that it’s when you seek out less than positive attention like that, that you get a less than positive, if not ratchet reaction from men, young and old, like this. However, I’ve never understood why when some individuals don’t get the response they want, they have to be ugly or inappropriate to save face. As Mick Jagger once sang, you can’t always get what you want, and when a woman doesn’t curse you out or come at you uber negative when she’s not interested, as in the case of my niece and Minaj, it’s best to just keep it moving. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter aren’t a substitute for and/or meeting a new booty call, so those who try the easy route of macking online are going to have to one day learn the very normal art of making conversation and making connections in person, in a polite manner, if they want to be taken seriously. Until then, miss us with the drive-by “FWM” “Drop Da Dead Dinner” “U Cute” and Wat Ups. Thanks but no thanks.



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