Grow Up, Already: Political Analyst Zerlina Maxwell Talks R@pe Prevention, Receives Racist, Sexist Hate Mail

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It takes a brave person to appear on Fox News, especially if that person is liberal, female and especially black. We’ve seen it time and time again. It’s certainly admirable to cross “enemy” lines and try to bring intelligent argument and rational thought to the masses who watch Fox News; but unfortunately, the often racial backlash these minority, liberal guests receive is just a part of the process. Political analyst and rapesurvivor, Zerlina Maxwell was the most recent victim of this sick cycle when she appeared on the Sean Hannity show to discuss the use of firearms as a r@pe prevention tactic. Zerlina argued that instead of trying to push guns on women or tell women what they should do or should have done differently to prevent their assaults, we should be telling men not to r@pe women.

Watch Zerlina’s appearance on Hannity’s show.

After her segment aired she began receiving hate mail from Fox News viewers. Much of the hate mail not only targeted her as an assault victim but also as a black woman. Maxwell acknowledged that though she was affected by the hateful comments, she wouldn’t allow them to silence her. She appeared on Democracy Now to further defend the comments she made on Hannity’s show. Check her out.

What is the solution to rape prevention? Should women be carrying guns around or should we all be making a concentrated effort to teach our sons, our friends, our nephews and all boys and men in between what constitutes involuntary sex and why it’s so important that they don’t perpetuate it against women or other men? If you’re wondering how we can encourage men not to do this, check out Maxwell’s piece about teaching men not to r@pe at

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