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Instagram has gotten many a celeb in trouble, but usually it’s not over something as seemingly innocent as a photo app filter. Enter Dawn Richard who, for the last 24 hours, has been fighting off rumors she’s been lightening her skin and got a nose job after she posted some pics to her Instagram account that, honestly, look absolutely nothing like her.

The photo above was just one of the suspect pics uploaded by the former Bad Boy singer who has been outspoken about the industry pressure on brown girls. Last summer in an interview with Carlton Jordan, she said:

I always say I represent for the brown girls because when you think of a sex symbol and a huge artist, most of the time it isn’t the brown, darker girl. And I’m not dark or even a chocolate girl, but there should be more because there is no color to greatness.

Everybody has their own story…I just know what my journey has been so I only speak on it from what I know and I do know it was a difficult road being this color and having the edge that I have— short hair, the body—it’s different. It isn’t your idea of pretty for people and it’s uncomfortable for them and I like it.

Some of Dawn’s Instagram followers seemed to be getting the message that Dawn’s looks were starting to become uncomfortable for her too, because it wasn’t long after her uploads starting posting that she was hit with comments like:

deanellw: Dawnnnnn what did u do to your face? Please do not tell me u are lightening it up.. When will people understand that black is beautiful … You are so beautiful

hissoulmate7 @deanellw: When black media stops promoting the whole light skin is the right skin mentality. We can sing beautiful dark skin all day but black media is obsessed with redbone yellabone. I have read comments in the past that dawn can sing but she is too darkskin. Im sure she heard enough of this bulls**t that she decided to thin her nose and lighten her skin. It’s sad but that’s reality in the industry

Shutting all of that down, Dawn explained to her following that the real culprit here was Instagram filtering and not self-hatred, responding to the commenters with:

dawnrichard @hissoulmate7: yo it’s a filter lol. Why are y’all doing the most lol. 
dawnrichard @deanellw: no babe just pressed the filter button like every other human that has Instagram
dawnrichard: I’m saying tho. If I really got work. I would have went for my tits First Those need help more than anything lol 

Well it’s good to see she’s taking the backlash all in stride, although her reaction was a bit more snarky on Twitter, with her posting:


She might wanna slow up on that IG filter though and stick with the natural pics she’s used to — not even so much for the fact that she looks light and bright, but more so that she’s nearly unrecognizable. Check out some more of the pics she posted on the next few pages. What do you think about this pic drama?

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