I’m Cool On Bowing Down, B

March 18, 2013  |  

Over the weekend, “Queen Bey” sent out a special invitation — or suggestion rather– to non-fans of hers everywhere via new music:  “Bow Down Bishes!”

I think I speak for listeners across the globe when I say after hearing the verse and chorus of the new track, I couldn’t help but think, excusez-moi?

Let me start by saying I’m all for the beat, and as someone who listens to ratchet music on a daily, my issue isn’t really that I’m offended by her “message,” if you will, although I can certainly see why some people would be. I’m more so… confused.

I may have been one of the last few people to realize Bey is really H-town down south hood — minus the middle class upbringing — so while at this point I’m not surprised at her venturing off into this chopped and screwed genre, I am a little befuddled by the timing. After all, isn’t this the same woman who was just singing The National Anthem (sorta kinda) at the Inauguration of the President of the United States, and who Michelle Obama said she wanted to be if she could be anyone else, and oh, who just became a mother. And let’s not forget Oprah practically salivating over the woman she deemed “Mistress of the Universe” during her “Next Chapter” special. For someone held in such high regard by other notable public figures in their own right, I’m curious how this image fits in with Beyonce’s brand.

Truthfully, I would have expected this type of track from a younger Bey; not a 31-year-old new mother working on her fifth solo album. I would’ve thought a song like this would’ve come out after “Soldier” back when she really was rocking dookie braids with the baby hair. But then again, I don’t listen to Beyonce for substance so maybe the problem here is my own level of expectation. And though I see the fun in “I Been On,” the second part of the new music track she released, and can almost guarantee it will be in heavy rotation on my smart phone, I don’t know what to make of this “bow down bishes” ultimatum from a woman so keen on woman empowerment. Plus, this isn’t even a female anthem like “Single Ladies,” per say, that her legions of Beylievers can even buy into and that would give the whole b**** thing a pass — because we know women call each other that word more often than we like to admit. This song is really just about Beyonce and some bishes that may or may not exist.

Matter of fact, just who is she talking to? Rihanna? Keri Hilson? I mean who’s really trying to come for Beyonce’s crown? And this whole “I took some time to live my life/But don’t think I’m just his little wife” line? She’s just making up imaginary controversy now because everyone knows Bey and Jay are pretty much neck and neck in terms of net worth and the way 2013 is looking she’ll probably bring in more cash than her hubby. Who has ever, in their wrong mind, confused her as just Jay’s little wife? Besides, isn’t she the one who named her latest concert series, “The Mrs. Carter” tour?

Perhaps Bey is talking to the people who don’t worship at the feet of Beysus as if they don’t have a right to choose what music they succumb their ears to. Or, there’s my final theory that she’s not really talking to anyone at all because even if you’re not a fan of anything Beyonce has ever done in her entire  life, there’s a general respect for her talent as a performer and there may be 1% of the world population who would ever try to refute that. Maybe Bey is just on her Mariah Carey, post Tommy Mottola ish and is finally putting out the music daddy Knowles would have once forbade.

There’s little Beyonce can do without causing a stir, and I’m sure it won’t be long before feminist commentators shoot down this song the same way they did “Who Run the World.” I personally take less issue with the song from a womanist standpoint than I do age appropriateness. But then again, she’s gotten away with worse before so I imagine people will end up doing exactly what she’s telling them too: bowing down bishes.


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