No More Sweatin’ To The Oldies: 15 Fun New Ways To Workout

March 12, 2013  |  
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You hear the thud of your sneakers pounding the treadmill as you run for . . .What?!? Only 4 minutes and 10, 11, 12 seconds?!?! You know you need to switch up your workout routine when you’re constantly looking at the time to see how much longer you have to feel like a rat on his wheel. And that is just the warmup! Workouts don’t have to be boring though. There are so many different ways to bust a sweat and take inches off, and it’s all relatively inexpensive. Check these workouts out for a unique way to challenge your body.

Belly Dancing Workout

This low-impact workout has high results for toning your core, arms and legs. Comprised of hip drops, rolls and pivots, you are engaging your abs, neck, pelvis, trunk and spine, moving them in a fluid-like motion as you move gracefully to the beat. It improves posture, muscle tone, weight loss and reduces stress.

Pole Dance Fitness

They call it vertical dance expression. You will call it the sexiest workout ever. Designed to empower the mind, body and soul, you will definitely exude confidence after taking this class. It increases flexibility, burns fat, and improves muscle tone and posture all while making you feel more feminine and sensual. What a great way to get your sexaay back!

Hip-Hop Workout

Dance combos to hip-hop music make this workout lively and fun. Pop locking and crunking are just a few dance grooves to improve your overall fitness level. Afterwards, you will want to hit the club and rock your new dance skills.

Line Dancing

Electric slide, Detroit Hustle and Harlem Shake your way into weight loss. Line dancing makes you feel part of a community as steppers move in unison with a hip dip, foot slide and quick foot pivot. With your mind on learning the intricate dance choreography, you don’t have time to think about all the calories you’re burning.


High Heel Workout

This hot workout is gaining popularity and skepticism (amongst podiatrists). It’s a combination of a regular fitness class with high heels. Women flock to this class to do squats, arm lifts and stretches in their classiest stilettos. If you like rocking your pumps everywhere, this class is for you.


Masala Bhangra Workout

The first and only Indian inspired workout, Masala means “spicy” in Hindi and Bhangra means ‘traditional folkdance’ from Punjab, India. It is a fusion of heart-pumping folk dance and Bollywood-style dance moves. What a fun cardio workout! Can we say, Balle Balle!!


High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT) is a cycle of high-intensive workouts combined with low-intensive recovery. It is considered the best cardio to burn the most fat in a shorter amount of time. HIIT can be done on many exercise machines, ranging from the elliptical to the bicycle or treadmill. It allows for variety in your routine, so even if you choose to do HIIT on the treadmill, you will never be at the same pace/incline for one long period of time.

Kettlebell Workout

Arms, shoulders, core and butt are targeted in this workout. A fresh spin on the old school dumbbells, it’s all about total body toning. A cast iron kettlebell workout boasts a 300 calorie burn in a 20 minute workout. Use the kettlebell in a controlled motion same as dumbbells, only your body works harder since the weight of a kettlebell is not evenly distributed.


Latin-inspired dance combinations keep your heart pumping with this workout. Hip sways, booty shaking and body snaking make this workout super fun to sweat off the pounds.

Ballet Beautiful

Pull out the pink tutus and ballet flats! Conjure up scenes from Black Swan. The Bar Method workout is used to create a ballerina’s body by sculpting long, lean muscles. Get ready to stretch and lengthen your way to a gracefully fit new body.

Antigravity Yoga

Suspended in the air by a hammock-like contraption, this is a yogi’s dream. This workout smoothie consists of calisthenics, gymnastics, traditional yoga, Pilates and acrobatics. Focus is on stretching, muscle tone and flexibility.



Power 90 Extreme is what you get with P90X. It’s 90 days of extreme workouts that leave you feeling oh-so powerful. There are a total of 12 different workouts that target arms, legs, abs, back-you name it. There’s also a super intense yoga workout that leaves you drenched in sweat and feeling limber as a pretzel. It’s all about muscle confusion and getting ripped. In the words of Tony Horton – ‘Do your best and forget the rest.’


Insane-in-the-membrane workout drills leave you on the floor, gasping for air while Shaun T has moved on to the next exercise. Filled with high intense cardio and use of your own body as weights, this dvd program goes crazy on your unwanted flab.

Nike Training Club

The saying “There’s an app for that,” really holds true – even for workouts. The Nike Training App allows you to access over 60 workouts and 90 drills, ranging from strength and cardio to core training. An added bonus – this app is absolutely free!


Think Billy Blanks meets Winsor Pilates. This is a combo of Pilates, hot dance moves and kickboxing. Punch, kick and elongate your body into shape. The core and arms are targets while getting a challenging cardio body workout.

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