Throw The Deuces Like Chris Brown: 15 Reasons To Say Goodbye To Your Relationship

May 10, 2013  |  
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Ahhh . . . that new, fresh-cookies-from-the-oven love. You all know what I’m talking about. When you are head over heels for your beau. Life is full of kisses, hugs and flushed cheeks from that warm, fuzzy feeling inside you get whenever you see him. Truth is, it should always be this way. You should grow to love your mate unconditionally. We seek relationships to be connected to someone emotionally, physically and spiritually. Unfortunately, that newness wears off like dye from several times washed, dark-colored jeans. But when you start questioning whether or not you should continue to invest your heart, soul and time, you may be in need of a a reality check. Dump the chump and keep it pushing if the following reasons apply to him.

Physical or Verbal Abuse

If your man ever hits you or verbally attacks you, don’t take it! Leave immediately. This is an assault to your mental and physical well-being and no man  has the right to lay hands on you. Please don’t fall for the ‘Baby I’m sorry, it won’t happen again’ jive either. It can and likely will.

Clingy Much?

He has no friends and wants to spend every waking moment with you. Your boyfriend should spend time with his friends and family, not fret over where you are every second of the day.

Frugal is his middle name

It’s one thing to ball on a budget, but if he won’t even take you out because he’s super cheap – it’s time to roll out. We like to get dolled up and go out on a date . . . even if it’s just to the movies. If your man would rather chill at home and watch the pixelated DVD he bought from bra-man around the corner at the barbershop for $5, leave his behind alone.

He doesn’t get along with your kids

Kids come first. At least they should anyways. If your man can’t stand to be around your children, he’s gotta go. He should be able to have a good time with your kids. That is your blood, and no man should ever come between a woman and her kids. Package deal or no deal at all.

He is a Game Boy

If you are striving to move up the corporate ladder, and your boyfriend is content playing Gears of War 3 on his Xbox Live everyday, perhaps you should reconsider this love thing you got going on. If he has no goals while you’re checking each goal you accomplish from your super-long list, it’s time to end it.

There’s a Secret Lover On The Side

If your man cheats on you, make like Michael Jackson and beat it. No need to stick around with someone who is unfaithful. From infidelity grows a mistrustful heart. Even if he promises never to do it again, you’ll be wondering where he is anytime he’s away from you.

He’s a Mama’s Boy

Let’s cut the cord already. If your boo has an super-tight relationship with his mama, who just so happens not to like you, it may be a sign to get to stepping. It’s awesome that he loves his mom dearly and treats her like a queen because that is a sign for how he will treat you. But mama could be a force to reckon with.

Crappy Communication

If your dinner conversation includes watching television with the clanking sounds of forks scraping plates in the background, then Houston we have a problem. You should be able to have a hearty conversation with your man. If he lacks the gift of gab ,especially when you throw out all the conversation starters you can think of, it could prove to be problematic.

You’re Going Nowhere — Literally

If he hasn’t put a ring on it, and it’s been a considerable amount of time invested, it is your cue to move on. After counting countless birthdays and holidays and still no engagement bling, perhaps you can find someone else who will. He gave you a key. You’ve moved in. Bought a puppy. Let’s keep the progression going or else. I’m just saying.

You Need a Real Sexual Healing

If there is no intimacy, then the relationship is dead. Your man should be able to caress you and make love to you. Lack of intimacy could be a tell-tell sign that he may not be interested in you anymore, or he may have someone on the side getting all his affection.

Going To Bed Angry Every Night

Why couldn’t you wash this dirty dish in the sink? If you and your man constantly argue over the smallest things, end it now. It can be emotionally draining to go head to head in a verbal battle over the most minute things. Let’s keep it real – couples argue, but generally there is some sort of resolution. If conflict is huge in your home, and we’re not talking in novels, then it’s just not worth the commitment.

You Don’t Know The Last Time He Told You The Truth

If your dude is a habitual liar, leave him ahora! No one wants to contend with a mate who dances around the truth. I mean seriously, do you know his real name?

You’ve Already Emotionally Disconnected

Emotional connections are crucial to keeping a relationship intact. If your man has the emotion of an emoticon, watch out! He needs to be compassionate and understanding of your needs – listen as you babble on about your workday, draw you a bubble bath, or rub your tired feet.

You’re Complete Opposites

If you love biking and boogie skating to old school R&B while your man prefers video games and fishing, your interests just might steer you guys apart from one another. Some couples make it work, sharing in things that their partner loves . . . but if you are not willing to grab that worm and hook it, you may be too different from one another to continue on.

He Has Destructive Habits

If your man stays out all night long drinking, gambling or doing drugs, he needs to stay out….indefinitely. You don’t need to be around someone who could potentially drag you down the same miserable path of life he is living. And please don’t think you can change him. Or have the mentality that . . . oh he’s a good man as long as he doesn’t (fill in the blank). He will change if HE wants to and not because you want it.

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