Dating Habits You Need To Ditch — If You Want To Keep Dating

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So you’re on a date, things are going fine, and all of a sudden your phone rings and you of course pick it up. Everyone has bad dating habits and some of them can really ruin your chances of having a good date and really impressing the guy that you’re seeing. A lot of the time you do these habits without even knowing that you are, which makes matters even worse! Here are 15 dating habits you need to ditch ASAP.

Talking a lot about yourself

Some women have a lot to say about themselves and they’re eager to share every little detail. However when on a date, you really want to avoid talking too much about yourself. Give him time to talk talk as well. Even if you’re avoiding silence, try to ask him questions instead of keeping the conversation about you. This will make you come across as being self-absorbed and even a little narcissistic.

Not talking enough

On the opposite hand, there’s also some women who don’t talk enough during a date, sometimes to leave a sense of mystery about them. Leaving the guy to make most of the conversation or allowing for long silences will really make things awkward. It’s best practice to talk enough on the date to keep the conversation going, otherwise you’ll come off as boring and shallow.

Giving away too much detail

Along with talking too much, some women tend to talk about topics that guys really don’t care about. He doesn’t want to know about your best friends crazy boyfriend, your ex, or any other type of inappropriate comments about you or your life. He’s on the date to learn about your personality and your interests.

Checking your phone during the date

One dating habit that a lot of people are guilty of is checking their phone during a date. Since we’re all so glued to our phones in order to check up on Facebook and Twitter, it goes without thought that we check them during a date. However, checking your phone while on a date makes it seem like he isn’t worthy of your attention, that he’s boring, or that you’ve got someone else to talk to.

Embellishing yourself

We all want to appear to be as appealing and interesting as possible with a guy which can sometimes lead to little white lies. When he asks you about yourself, there’s no reason to embellish anything. If he loves football and basketball and you know nothing about sports, there’s no need to go on about how Michael Jordan is your favorite player or how you watch every Sunday game. Don’t be fake.

Avoiding the bill at all costs

We all expect the guy to pay the bill at the end of the night, and while this isn’t a bad expectation, be considerate when the bill does come to the table. Offer to pay half or to at least pay the tip. Though he’s likely to decline the offer, the fact is that you at least made the suggestion to chip in some money.

Looking around often

Looking around and scanning the room while on a date can definitely send off the wrong signals. If you’re one to scope out where you are, try to avoid doing it, at least during a date. Otherwise you may make him feel like you’re bored, you have an extremely short attention span, or that you’re looking for something or someone else in the room.

Expecting to be spoiled

So he takes you out to a nice restaurant in town, opens all of the doors for you, and generally makes you feel good. In return you order the most expensive dish and wine on the menu. Guys don’t usually go on a first date expecting to spend a lot of money on you, as in the mind of most men, this is something you earn. When on the first date, be modest of the choices you made. Don’t come off as being extremely high-maintenance.

Drinking way too much

When the drinks are flying and you two are at a bar, it can be hard to slow down, even when you know you need to. There’s nothing worse than going on a first date with a guy and getting completely drunk. Even if the drinks are cheap and amazing, know your limit, and don’t dare pass it. A drunk first date almost rarely leads to another.

Not answering his calls

Playing hard to get doesn’t always work, and while you want to keep a little sense of mystery so that the chase continues, you don’t want to do too much of it. In the case of not answering or returning his phone calls, you’re simply playing games. If he texts you or calls you, get back to him that same day at least.

Bringing your baggage with you

Sharing details about your personal life during the first date is expected. But, rest assured that this guy does not want to hear about your failed relationships. He doesn’t want to know how much you hate your ex, or how much you still think about him. Coming across as damaged goods is never ideal. Keep the baggage at home.

Flirting way too much

Even if this guy is the hottest man you’ve ever been on a date with, you want to contain yourself. During a first date you can flirt a little here and there, but don’t go overboard with it. There’s no need to initiate a full make-out session or touch him every five seconds. Try to avoid being super touchy feely or else you may make him uncomfortable. Even if he’s loving the attention, you will come across as being thirsty.

Flirting with others

So you’re a flirty girl by nature and you’ve been single for awhile. Even worse than being over flirty with the guy you’re with is flirting with other people, such as the bartender or the waiter. Try to keep the flirtation on the down low and if you can’t, don’t expect a second date or any type of communication from the guy you’re seeing. There’s nothing worse than going on a date with a girl who is flirting with everyone else.

Being too easy

There is nothing wrong with wanting some and getting some, but going home with him on the first date really sends off the wrong vibes. Don’t become the easy chick that he calls when he wants to get his fix. Even if the vibes between you two are amazing, don’t sell yourself short. Save it for next time.

Ending the date abruptly

It hopefully doesn’t happen often, but sometimes you eat something bad on a date and you just don’t feel well. If this is the case, instead of just walking out of the date suddenly, explain the situation, without too much detail, and get going. You don’t want the guy to think that you’re brushing him off or that the date was horrible.

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