Shout Out To All The Momagers And Popagers: Celebs Whose Parents Managed Them All The Way To The Top

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In the cutthroat world of show business, sometimes it’s comforting to have a familiar face and someone you can trust as part of the team. These 15 celebrities left their fate and careers into the hands of their parents and it served them well — very well.

The Kardashians

Perhaps the mother of all momagers, Kris Jenner helped her Kardashian daughters become household names. In addition to launching the careers of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney as reality television stars, the Kardashians have segued into the world of fashion design. Ready to have the limelight to shine on her, Jenner has inked a deal for her own talk show. In 2011, it was reported that she was worth an estimated $20 million.


R&B singer Usher Raymond got an early start in the music industry. His mother Jonetta Patton managed his career from the very start when he was just a pre-teen. Things worked beautifully between mom and son until one Tameka Foster came along. The “Confessions” singer’s new love interest didn’t get along too well with Patton and Usher ended his professional relationship with his mother.

Famed manager Benny Medina took control of Usher’s career after. Fast-forward a few years later, Usher and Foster break up, Medina and Usher part ways and Patton once again takes control of her son’s career. Usher and his mom said in an August 2008 statement:

“Usher has dissolved his management arrangement with Benny Medina and has re-engaged Jonnetta Patton as his manager.”


A young Brandy just “wanted to be down” in 1994 and with the help of her momager Sonja Norwood, she did that and more. In addition to her budding music career, for five years the R&B singer was also the star of her own show, “Moesha.” Norwood helped steer her daughter’s career through good and bad times. After a few rocky years, Brandy made her return back to the limelight as a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars” in 2010 and released her sixth album “Two Eleven” a few years later.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson inked her major record deal with Columbia Records at the tender age of 16. Under the tutelage of her father Joe Simpson, Jessica became a pop sensation and reality television show superstar. Joe Simpson was primarily responsible for helping Jessica transition from a teen star to an adult. The singer turned fashion designer has since amassed a billion dollar empire and is currently pregnant with her second child.


Superstar Beyonce seemed to dominate the pop world ever since she and her group Destiny’s Child emerged onto the scene. She has to thank her father Matthew Knowles for most of her success. With the help from the former corporate executive turned manager, Beyonce continued her reign as she launched a solo career. Unfortunately, things started to turn sour and the pair parted ways professionally in 2011. Beyonce said in a statement about the split:

“I am grateful for everything he has taught me. I grew up watching him and my mother manage and own their own businesses. They were hardworking entrepreneurs, and I will continue to follow in their footsteps.”

Matthew Knowles also managed Kelly Rowland’s career until 2009.

Miley Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus became famous when he begged the ladies not to “tear his achy breaky heart,” but behind the scenes he managed to help his daughter Miley Cyrus become a Disney star. An 11-year-old Miley snagged the lead role in “Hannah Montana” and the rest is history. Things between daddy and daughter, who is worth an estimated $20 million, have been rocky as of late. In 2011, Billy Ray has said that the Disney show “destroyed my family.”


Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake got his start on “Star Search” before starring on “The New Mickey Mouse Club” at the age of 12. From the start, his mother Lynn Bomar Harless, has been there to guide his career and has seen him conquer the pop world as a member of boy band ‘N Sync before branching out on his own as a solo artist. After a long hiatus from music, the singer/actor has staged a major comeback and will be hitting the road to tour with superstar rapper Jay-Z this summer.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears started her career on “The New Mickey Mouse Club” alongside Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera with mom Lynne Spears as her manager. Britney went on to become one of pop’s biggest stars in the 2000s but during one of her many and now famous meltdowns, she relieved her mother of her responsibilities. Britney even went so far as to ban her mother from seeing her own grandkids. Father James Spears had to step in as the court-appointed conservator and took control of his daughter’s finances. Britney seems to have a better handle on her career and life after her recent stint as a judge on Fox’s “The X Factor.”

Chris Brown

Troubled R&B singer Chris Brown has always had mom Joyce Hawkins by his side. In addition to being there for Brown through his court appearances for beating up his girlfriend Rihanna, Hawkins helped launch her son’s career. Hawkins talked her son down after his famous meltdown at the studios of ABC’s “Good Morning America.” After taking some time to rehabilitate his career, Brown’s “F.A.M.E.” album debuted Number One on the Billboard charts. Brown and Rihanna have since rekindled their romance.

Joe Jackson

Perhaps the original parent turned popager, Joe Jackson introduced the world to the Jackson 5. Joe Jackson kept his brood in line with an iron fist as his five offspring climbed the charts and became a worldwide sensation. Michael Jackson fired his dad as manager in 1979 and embarked on a solo career. Eventually the band disbanded before reuniting after Michael’s death in 2009. Although Michael always paid homage to his dad and credited him for his early success, Joe Jackson was left out of the pop icon’s will.

Lindsay Lohan

By the time 12-year-old Lindsay Lohan pulled double duty starring as twins Hallie Parker and Annie James in the 1998 movie “Parent Trap,” she was already a showbiz veteran having starred in over 60 commercials. At the helm of her career from the beginning was momager Dina Lohan. Although she seemed to have a promising start, the “Liz & package” star’s career has been marred with several rehab stints and numerous brushes with the law. Lindsay is currently on probation for allegedly stealing a necklace and is awaiting trial on charges stemming from a car crash in Santa Monica, CA.

LeAnn Rimes

Country singer LeAnn Rimes started singing by the age of two so it was only right one of her parents would be in control of her career. Dad Wilbur Rimes seemed to have his daughter’s best interests at heart. That is until Leann filed a lawsuit against her father claiming he siphoned millions out of her account. Wilbur filed a lawsuit of his own accusing LeAnn of spending too much money. Dad and daughter eventually made up and Wilbur gave LeAnn away at her wedding to first husband Dean Sheremet. “There’s so much more life ahead of me. To carry on a burden of hating someone, it’s just not worth it,” Rimes said. “I’ve never hated my dad. I just wanted a dad. I guess I just really disliked where he was in my life. I just wanted him to be my father.”

Scarlett Johannson

Scarlett Johannson made her film debut at the tender age of nine. Mom, Melissa Sloan, managed her career and helped Johannson become one of the hottest and most successful actresses in Hollywood. Once again proving that sometimes family and business don’t mix, Johannson fired her mom in 2009. “Once I got married, I felt that I needed to cut the cord,” the 28-year-old Golden Globe nominee said of the split.


R&B singer Ashanti made waves in the music industry with her first single “Foolish” but there was nothing foolish about her decision to have her mother Tina Douglas manage her career. Ashanti went on to release four albums before transitioning into the world of acting. “This is a tough business. It is dog-eat-dog and very competitive, but when you surround yourself with people who love you and support you, then you can’t lose,” said Tina Douglas. Ashanti is gearing up to release her fifth album “Braveheart” in May. She also stars in the Lifetime TV show “Army Wives.”

 Gary Coleman

Child star Gary Coleman became famous for his catchphrase “Whatchu talking about, Willis?” but after his success TV sitcom “Diff’rent Strokes” came to a close and the roles dried up, Coleman sued his adopted parents and business manager for an empty bank account. Coleman was awarded a $1.7 million settlement but ended up filing for bankruptcy a few years later. Coleman, who remained estranged from his parents, passed away in 2010 from an intracranial hemorrhage.

Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter knew singing was in his blood; he grew up watching his older brother Nick Carter dominate the music world as one-fifth member of boy band The Backstreet Boys. The younger Carter launched his career as a preteen with his mother June Carter at the helm. Eventually things soured after Aaron found out his mother stole money from him. Their relationship has been strained ever since. “It hurts. A mother doesn’t go on TV and trash her son,” Carter said back n 2005. “I just want her to love me, you know? I just want her to be my mom. Is that too much to ask?”

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