14 Questions Couples Need To Answer Before Getting Married

March 7, 2013  |  
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Tying the knot is a big step in life and while you may seem ready, there are definitely some things you’ll want to know before you say your vows and commit to just one man. Some of these small details can really impact your relationship, negatively or positively. So, if you’re hearing wedding bells in the near future, before it becomes official, here are some must-know details.

Will you have kids?

You can’t predict the future regarding children, but you’ll want to know whether or not your fiance even wants to become a dad. Some guys are against having children and would rather have a future that revolved around the two of you. Others want a house full of babies. Make sure you know what he wants — and you too.

Is divorce an option?

Everyone has a different opinion regarding divorce. Some are all for it while others would prefer to try out marriage counseling. Knowing your guy’s stance on divorce is crucial before you get married. If you hit a rough patch in the road, you’ll want to know whether the relationship is bound to end quickly, or if he’s much more willing to do whatever it takes to keep things going.

Who will manage the bills?

Once you get married and you have joint bills, you’ll need to decide who will take charge of them. Things can get confusing when there are too many hands touching the finances. At the same time, you want to ensure that the bills are paid on time. Know whether or not you’ll have a joint account to pay bills as well as who will be the accountant, so to speak.

Is there more than just physical attraction?

We all know the cliche that once a couple gets married, their sex life goes down the drain. If this were to happen, you’ll want to make sure that in your relationship, there’s much more than just a physical attraction. When your schedules don’t mesh or when you two have long, stressful days at work, you’ll want to know that not being intimate, temporarily, won’t ruin the relationship.

Will there be a prenup?

Celebrity couples aren’t the only ones who sign prenups. Some people insist that a prenup needs to be put in place if you are getting married. On the other hand, there are those who see no reason for one. Make sure your opinion on the subject meshes with your man’s.

What happens if/when you buy a house together?

In your head, you may automatically assume that when you two buy a home together, your name goes on the deed. However, this isn’t something that you can just assume. Ask him, and know for sure whether or not he’d be willing to put your name on the mortgage, and not just his, and vice versa!

Are all passwords shared?

In the age of social networking, it’s all but certain that your soon-to-be-husband has a Facebook, Twitter, or some other profile. When some couples get married they assume that passwords are then shared between each other. Determine where your man stands on this as social network profiles can cause all sorts of marriage issues.

Where do adult videos fit into the marriage?

We all know that guys love visuals and even in relationships and marriages, men are known to watch adult videos every now and then. For some marriages, this can be a relationship breaker. Make sure you know his opinions on this, and make sure he knows yours. If you hate knowing that he watches this kind of stuff, and he does it on a weekly basis, there may be some issues.

How much time can be spent apart?

Even when married, some people, men and women, like to hold on to their single lifestyles. They still want to go out on the daily to drink. Though guys and girl’s nights out should still exist, know how often you two will allow them to occur. Going out too much can easily cause problems.

How much info is shared with the family?

No matter how close you two are with your families, there is usually some information that you don’t exactly want to share. You two will want to make sure that you’re on the same page when it comes to sharing information with the in-laws. You don’t want to share too much when your man wants to keep things private.

Religious values and thoughts?

Religion is a crucial part of life and it’s possible that your man does not have the exact same religious values that you have. Make sure you know what he believes in, even if he isn’t one of the most religious people. Some people nowadays celebrate certain religious holidays and expect others to do the same, not to mention raise their children in that way.

What happens if the in-laws need to move in?

Your parents are bound to get older, as are his. Make sure that you two have the same ideas when it comes to taking care of your parents. Are you two willing to allow them to live with you? Not agreeing on this can easily turn a marriage sour.

What does marriage mean to the both of you?

Not everyone takes marriage the same way. Some, sadly, see it as just the signing of a piece of paper and money down the drain. Others see it as a new chapter that will allow the relationship to blossom even further. Be sure you two know what marriage means to the both of you, and make sure these thoughts click.

Can mail be opened by both of you?

Some people are really private when it comes to mail that’s addressed to him. If you live together, it’s likely that you may open each others mail, and vice versa. Though this sounds silly, some people are really against having someone else look at and read their mail.

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