14 Ways We Wish Men Were More Like Women

March 7, 2013  |  
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There’s a reason many women, late in the game, will decide to switch teams and date other women. They’re fed up with all the misunderstandings in the male and female duo, and there’s something so alluring about someone who seems to be in your head—someone who gets you. Ask any great womanizer what his secret is and he will tell you: think like a woman. We’re not asking you to stop being masculine. We’re not pushing a feminist agenda. But wow would you impress us if you just thought/acted like us in these ways.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes

Women love to gossip, yes, but this comes from an even deeper passion of ours: analyzing people. Thinking about why someone is the way he is. Envisioning what that person’s life is like. We like to play psychologist. Men, however, take the information that people offer up to them and tend to leave it at that. And that’s why you get the common argument that goes like this: Boyfriend: “Did you want to do something special this weekend?” Girlfriend: “No…it’s fine.” Boyfriend: “Okay, cool.” And now girlfriend is mad. Women read deeper into their friend’s responses—thinking about where that friend is coming from, what she has experienced, what she is going through etc.—all the time. We consider it caring to do that. Just put yourself in our shoes a little more often, and you’ll find the answers we may not be giving you.

Enjoy shows like Sex and the City

You could learn so much about us if you’d get into this show! It’s written in the perfect format for teaching: first you see a scenario, then you see all the girls sitting around cocktails discussing what they liked/didn’t like about that scenario. And every experience that is part of the female life is covered in this show. It doesn’t get much more helpful than that.

Go down there more often

Women are “selfish” or “prude” if they don’t regularly go down on their men. Meanwhile, it’s normal if a man rarely makes his way down there for women. And he gets a medal when he does. Be more like us: don’t see going down there as a special item. See it as a staple on the menu.

Pretend to like people you don’t

This is how the world goes ’round. It’s not being fake; it’s being tolerant. Do we women know people who run in our same social circles who we don’t necessarily like? Of course! Do we feel the need to let that be known every time we see that person? No. We at least feign happiness over seeing them, so that the night can go smoothly and everyone can enjoy themselves. Men are horrible at hiding it when they don’t like someone. They make no attempt to put on a smile around people they can’t stand. And then we end up having to apologize for them.


Eat healthier

Seriously. It would really help our waistlines if you didn’t bring those Chili Cheese fries around us. And stop saying you think it’s hot when a woman eats whatever she wants. You won’t think it’s hot when she is four sizes larger than she was when you met her. Can you please become friends with salads? We’ll all be happier.

Plan more

Ask a man if he is free to do something three weeks down the line, and his brain malfunctions. You can almost see little sparks flying out of it. Men are so hesitant to commit to future plans. Instead you get the, “Want to see a movie in two hours?” phone calls and, “Oh my friend’s party is tomorrow night. You need a costume for it. Want to go?” Aaaargh! It’s the bane of our social existence. Women enjoy everything more if they have time to prepare for it. Give us that time please.

Enjoy the experience

Listen to a couple decide where to eat and the man is all about the price, the food itself, and the speed of the restaurant. Meanwhile the woman is all about the ambiance. The food might be the best in town, but she doesn’t want to eat there if it’s so loud you can’t hear yourself think, and it’s next to the freeway. We wish men would be less about getting things done, and more about enjoying the process.


Talk for the sake of talking

Tell us about your issue, even if we can’t fix it. Even if you have no idea yet how you’re going to fix it, talk to us. You might think it’s useless to talk about a problem if there’s no solution, but we think it’s painful when you keep important information from us. Women bond by venting. We’d feel bonded to you more, too, if you’d let yourself vent once in a while.


Send cute texts

Some men are good at this, but all would benefit from being better at it. We love a sweet, mid-day, totally superfluous text. Too many men only text for efficiency; to plan what time you’re meeting for dinner, or to send directions. Women love the idea that in a moment when it may be totally inappropriate—like at work, or out with friends—you still thought of us, and wanted to reach out.


Watch the bulge

For the most part, women learn how to dress for their bodies. You don’t see too many of us walking around with protruding bellies and love handles, even if we have them. We learn how to work with our bodies. Why do men think they are exempt from having to look decent? Men, if you’re not skinny, please stop wearing skinny jeans.

Mental 4play

Men don’t require much preparation beyond, “Want to have sex?” to get in the mood. But women need to be mentally stimulated in order to be physically stimulated. What turns us on even more is getting to mentally stimulate you. If you make it too easy for us, being ready to go at a moment’s notice, we don’t feel very into it. Learn to enjoy the lead up.

Don’t drink and drive

Somehow men think that the .08 law doesn’t apply to them. We get it: you feel you’re supposed to be the protector, the one in control of things, the one taking care of us. You think it’s emasculating to admit you’re too drunk to drive, and hail a cab. But we actually think it’s a huge turnoff when you won’t recognize your own limits.

Call us on our BS

You might be thinking that women get angry when you point out if they’re wrong, or acting poorly. But those are just the emotionally under-developed ones who you don’t want to be dating anyways. A woman worth dating wants you to call her on her BS. She wants you to challenge her and push her to be a better person. You know your girlfriend calls you on your BS all the time. So don’t be shy…


Push the issue

If anyone tells us they’re fine or “it’s fine” when clearly something is wrong, we do not accept that. We pester them until they tell us what’s wrong. We even start offering up possible answers to what might be wrong, to make it easier for the person to open up. When we’re mad, we want you to do the same for us.

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